Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!


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here is the new to me 06. I am pretty jazzed about it. even took the sound system from the toyota and put it in here untill I can build something more suitable for it.


here's mine, it sees alot of open areas, not too many tight trails, the longer i own it the more rust and imperfections i find, so its about to see some more trail time, used, not abused



Here is my 2000 F350 V10, Here I am in AZ. at the Prescott Rally doing sweep duties. I built the light bar and the tire rack in a week. I actually did not finish the tire rack so i had to strap the tire down with cargo straps. The tire did not move all weekend and I was not taking it slow. Anyway I have alot of work i want to do to it but my rally car seems to take most of my attention since i got back from AZ.

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Our house on wheels, 80 nights and 21k miles and 7 states in 18 months of owning it. Love it! It mostly dwells in SE Utah on outings but we travel all over the west.
2004 SMB 4x4 6.0L Diesel
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There is a 1988 Ford F350 crewcab 4x4 motorhome for sale just north of Ukiah on the east side of 101. It looks like a factory walk thru job. I forget the name of the motorhome company. I will get some pictures and number this next weekend if anyone is interested. Asking price is 10k. Its not mine and maybe this should be moved to the for sale forum.