Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!


I did a search and did not find such a thread so I guess I will start one.I just bought a 04 F150 and over the next few months I hope to start getting it ready for some exploring.So lets see what ya all have !!.

Rot Box

Here's my 91 F350 IDI-T (details in sig). A little bit older but new enough it is very comfortable and reliable and old enough that I can work on it myself without fancy tooling or the worry of expensive parts :coffeedrink:

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Here is mine, 2002 F350, 7.3 PSD, 6spd, Crewcab, LWB. Just turned 90k. Bought it new and it is doing it's job which most times is hauling the camper.

Stuck in the mud in BC, Canada

Artic Circle on the Dalton Hwy, AK

The Sea of Cortez, Baja, MX.


Bella PSD


I will post up newer pics soon. Just adding cut out flares, 37" BFG Baja tires and double beadlock HMMWV wheels.

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I like the "Full Size Stuck" theme...

It was easier to get pulled than air down for this one:

With nobody around for miles, we had to be pretty aggressive airing down to get up this dune (the rear tires were much deeper than the fronts)



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I just sold my Jeep and I am planning to do a few things to my '01 Expedition. It has the air ride suspension, so I will start with bumpers, rock rails, locker, and a rack. Then I might tackle the suspension. I only want a couple inches. We are getting ready for an Alaska sojoun the summer of 2012.


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2003 F150 XL
- 4.6L V8
- Eagle Alloy Series 101 wheels with 285/75R16 Treadwright Warden AT tires
- Monroe Gas Magnum shocks all around
- 4X150W KC knockoffs on the bumper
- Unicover Safari topper
- Sleeping platform and storage bins in progress

Exploring the vast minimum maintainence road network of SESD:

Older pic, sitting in the driveway w/topper:

Here's what she looked like when I first got her:



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:smiley_drive: Here is a full sized truck, and some full size mountains....

A little plastic duck mounted on the grill gets a loving squeeze...:peepwall: