Ford F-250 7.3L 4x4 + Custom Flatbed Camper - SOLD


If wanted Bruce, but needed him depreciate just a little more...

Since taking the reigns of Bruce from @Basil last September the adventures have continued and Bruce did not disappoint. In the past eight months Bruce has logged just over 17,500 miles. Current ODO is ~205,500 and will continue to log miles until sold. Bruce has proven his versatility in the mountains of UT, ID, WY, WA, OR, MT and allowed me to tour the beaches of the Outer Banks of NC. He has had no issues while driving Coast to Coast 3.5 times now.

"Why are you selling Bruce already?"
  • First off, nothing is 'wrong' with Bruce. I purchased Bruce for a year of vehicle based exploration and to live out of while I search for where I would like to buy land and eventually build a home. It has accomplished that mission and I'm not in a hurry to offload this amazing and capable rig.
  • I plan to purchase property within the next 6-12 months and will likely purchase a slide-in camping rig; likely a new F-250/350 and a Northern Lite or similar camper, so that I can use the truck for hauling constrution materials and set the camper on jacks on the new property to live out of while doing construction.
"What have I done with Bruce since purchasing from Basil?"
  • Front brakes (rotors and pads) done at 198K; also L front hub replaced at same time. Basil previously replaced the R hub.
  • Replaced MaxxFann
  • Removed Propane water heater as it was not Winter capable; ready for install of new Camplux unit (~150.00 on Amazon)
  • Installed Propex furnace (professional install done in Seattle, WA); this was a game changer for camping in freezing mountain temps. In the evenings I'd use the Tiny Wood stove fireplace; in the mornings before I would get out of bed I can ignite the propex and have the cabin warmed-up in 15 minutes.
  • Small usability additions: orgaziner/storage bins for clothing and gear, new RAM mounts for phone and tablet in cab, BROG visor pouches and XL spare tire bag (used for chimney and firewood storage)
  • Fluid changes, tire rotations, etc... As most of you know, Bruce was pretty turn-key since Basil was living out the rig previously. I lived-out of the rig for weeks at a time between and during National Guard training and contract work trips.
Upgrades or maintenance that myself or future owner should consider:
  • Steering stabilizer upgrade. I didn't realize it until I drove someone elses truck that had one installed. Bruce gets some bump steer as it appears the stock stabilizer is worn-out or simply inadequate.
  • I just had the new tires that were previously spares rotated onto the rear; front tires have estimated 10k before I would replace.
  • Replace CampLux for warm weather outdoor showers; would just remove for freezing temps.
  • Windshield has two cracks; were there at time of purchase and have not increased in size, nor do they obstruct view. It could be replaced at any time.
  • Clear coat is coming off on hood, some minor surface rust where cab meets windshield. I'm considering doing body prep/rust repair and spraying the entire cab with Raptor Liner bed liner. Saw this on a friends jeep and it looks amazing.
  • The truck and camper batteries are still going strong, but are estimated to be approaching 3 years old as they are the orginal batteries that Basil installed. I constantly run the fridge/freezer and I rarely see the house batteries go below 11.5 with the solar and on the road charging.
Hopefully, Bruce's next owner will be able to continue take Bruce for long walks in Baja or hikes in the Sierra Nevada or National Forests. The ground clearance allows one to explore just a little bit further and to put further distance between Bruce and the nearest campsites.

Bruce will be in MN for the next week while I sell a house, then I'll be heading West again. Delivery can be arranged to any state that will be travelling through or to in the next couple of months. This will include MN, SD, WY, CO, UT, MT and possibly NV.

Price 42,000
Price is firm for the next 2 weeks. I plan to drop price incrementally after 2-4 weeks on market, but I won't be in a hurry to offload Bruce until September as I have an extended work trip that will take me out of the country at that time. Facetime viewings cab be arranged for serious buyers.

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