Ford E-series va with 285 tires, does anyone run the stock 16" rim (for instance 285/75/16), or is there a good reason to move to a 17" or larger rim?

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Hello all, I had been under the impression that I would need to move away from the stock 16" diameter 7" wide rim if I wanted to run a 285 tire. I thought this because the 285/70/17 tires I'd looked at to replace my 265/75/16s all had minimum recommend widths of 7.5"

I wanted to keep it simple, ie stock, so I wasn't too interested in new rims at this point. The tire I have now, and like wasn't made in a 285/75/16, so I didn't look into it further. Then I saw a lot of lifted vans here run the BFG KO2s, which do come in 285/75/16, recommended minimum tire width of 7". It sounds like that would work great on stock rims.

So my question for all of you Ford econoline folks , which rims do you prefer, and why?

If it matters, the van in question is a 2009 E-150, with a weldtec 6" lift.

Thank you - That Guy


WeldTech 4" lift with 285/75/16 Cooper AT3s on stock 16x7 wheels.


I think anything wider than 285 should go on a wider wheel. They will fit, but you may get some weird wear patterns.



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Thanks for posting your picture, FROADER. That is the same van I have along with the same wheels and I had the same question about that tire size.
I was thinking of keeping the stock aluminum wheels and running the BFG. Good to hear that they work.
Again, thanks for your information.


Glad to help.

I don't have any rubbing after trimming the bottom of the gray plastic piece on the front bumper. You can kind of see it in that photo.


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I'm currently running 285's on the 16 inch rims (stock width). The only weird thing I have encountered is that my current tires (DuraTracs) have a very narrow tread block for a 285 tire. Its like they threw the tread from a narrower tire on a 285 just so could call it a 285. Otherwise, it's been fine. I like having the extra volume when I wind up somewhere exciting, and the van is kind of a boat anyway, so it doesn't matter much to me on pavement.


I have run 285's on 16"s on a few vans. Roughly 33" tall. It's a good looking combo that works well IMO. Any larger rims on an Econoline starts to look weird to me unless you have a lot of lift (like 6" or more).