Ford E Series Roof Rack with side Ladder


Going to be switching to a hard top soon on my EB van so I'm selling the rack that I now have in place.
It's a gutter mount with 6 VanTech mounts and comes with a passenger side ladder. It's a stout rack yet not overly heavy. Minor paint chips and tree scrapes.
This fits an EB van but I imagine it would fit a RB with it overhanging the windshield a bit. Located in Western Colorado. Will not ship but would help install and provide beer during install operations. Lights not included. $900 OBO


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Price reduced to $800

Will be traveling through UT, AZ and SoCal next month and can deliver.

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Do you still have this rack? I know it's a long shot since this post was from a year ago, but just throwing it out there. I am also in Colorado and would love to buy this from you if you've still got it. If not, what type of rack was it? I like that it's low profile without side walls. Thanks.