Ford E series gas Van tune up and repairs.


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The Triton 4.6L, 5.4L and mighty V10 are basically all the same except for the obvious number of cylinders and bore. Mine has 130,000 miles on it with nothing but fluid changes, a serpentine belt and a fuel filter but is hinting of trouble. I searched out a few Ambo’s and International 4300 but decided to spruce up and keep the 1 ton 4x4 Van that has been so good to me.

It has “vapor locked” or stumbled and stalled a few times at elevation and in hot ambient temps. I’m thinking fuel pump so I just took it to a local shop to check pressure and drop the fuel tank if needed to swap the pump. There is a fix for the AC vents diverting to defrost when the vehicle is under load that consists of a new vacuum canister and check valve that they are familiar with so they can do that and also replace the deaded hard to get out spark plugs.

Have you ever had a problem with your bulletproof Ford Van with a Triton engine? If so what else should I look at to keep this thing going a few more years? What has failed on yours?


Get spark plug bored bulletproof by installing the specific "Timeserts" , I don't remember the name but they are specifically made to fix the lack of material of the heads.


X2 on getting any spark plug issues fixed correctly, not Dorman kits, etc.

I keep a good coil in the glovebox. They're not especially prone to failing but I have one and the tools needed to change it on board at all times.