Ford 7.3L

I didn't catch it till I uploaded pics but the crank sensor is located on the rear at the flexplate flange. The picture does not show the sensor itself, but does show the trigger wheel. Might be a hard item to get to to replace. Anyone that drives a 21st century engine knows that these will go bad occasionally.

Looks like the one that was used on the small blocks of the 90s but located at the rear on the crank flange. The way it looks the trigger wheel just slides on the crank flange to be sandwiched by the flexplate. The sensor itself may be mounted on the driver side of the block the part of the cutaway that is missing.

So glad to see Ford wise up and make use of their existing tech knowledge, bringing it all together in one engine package.

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Roller rockers.... from the factory... I'm in love!
I know who is making the rockers!! They are made here locally very close to me and a past employer. They are a standard OEM design that is shared across many platforms. They get changed dimensionally to fit the platform. The trunnion, inner and outer bearing shell, needles, and attaching bolt are common to all. Nothing about the valvetrain is made offshore. Yes the trunion is needle bearings but the tip is not a roller. Still a slide friction point. To give you an idea of how common this rocker arm is, we made 10,000 per shift for 3 shifts 5 days a week on just one machine.


Nice looking engine, like everyone else, I'm interested to see what the MPG claims are. Someone on another forum who has some inside knowledge pointed out that the limited amount of electronic controls mean this engine is something that could be easily managed by an aftermarket ECU system like a MegaSquirt.

A crate kit through FRP of this would be a strong competitor for the big brother of the 2.8L diesel that Cummins keeps promising.


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Isn't the 10 speed already available behind the 6.2? It is the shared GM and Ford product that originated with a 6 speed from ZF. They developed the Ford 6R80 and GM 6L80E based off the ZF design.
The 10 Speed HD is called the 10R140. its ford's own design, based on the jointly developed 10 speed thats available in the F150, Ranger, Expedition and Navigator. its rated for 1400lbs of input torque, accounting for torque multiplication through the torque converter.