Ford 7.3L


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They have both in the tfl truck vid on the new SD's.

The big 10 is twice the size of the little 10.

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I like that they finally went away from the overhead cam engine. The guy in the video even said the overhead cam makes sense if you’re going over 6000 RPM, so why did they have overly complicated overhead cam engines in trucks for the last 20 years? This much more compact engine is going to find its way into a lot of swaps and old vehicles and It’ll be cool to see that, they finally got some of the market away from the LS engines. Who wants to see a 7.3 gas swaped into an old highboy? I do.
By 'highboy' are you referring to an old 4x4 or a fenderless deuce roadster? lol! I guess either way it would be pretty cool!


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I can reach all of the way around the 6.2l. Plugs, injectors, coils, are all cake to get to. Alt, ps pump, water pump, don't seem much harder. There's a large plenum, with intake noise dampers, but that's no big deal. I'd replace it with a smaller aftermarket intake, but they all seem to suck even more than OEM.

This engine is even smaller.


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Not much user serviceable on those anyways. The accessories up front aren't much worse.


I'm looking forward to see what it looks like in the engine bay. Every time I've opened the hood on any Ford from the last 15 years or so I just say "nope" and close it.
I do the same, but in reality all I am doing is oil changes so I figure its someone elses problem.


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The old Land Rover V8 had the same structure as this new engine. The engine was very durable and had a good torque.

What is the targeted mpg? Is it gonna better than the 6.2 ?


Does look like a pretty cool new tech. I'd like to see it under the hood and a wiring diagram to see if they simplified the wiring any. But I'm still curious why a smaller diesel hasn't been developed yet. Especially when so many others have developed them well.

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I'm pretty sure the new 7.3 will make more financial sense for the majority of customers over the diesel.

Although it will be 20 years before I'm in the market for a 3/4 ton, I'll admit that it has me pretty excited.

Also... as long as the heads are decent, it's just one super charger away from being a TQ monster.
I was able to collect some more detailed pics of Godzilla and the new transmission.
I think you will be seeing someone like Roush or Whipple coming up with a supercharger. This engine has the bottom end designed to be the Gas Grunt of the truck line.

Collection of mechanical tech combined into this new design. Same firing order as the Coyote 5.0 and the original Ford V8 Flat Head. Lot of interesting things going on under the valve cover and inside the cover itself. All of this to reduce parasitic losses and increased durability.