For Sale - Ultimate Overland Expedition Land Rover Defender 110 XD 'Lone Wolf'

Lone Wolf


The time has come for the Lone Wolf to go to a new home, as we no longer have any plans which require a vehicle of it's calibre. If you would like to know any more about the vehicle, or like to arrange a viewing, please contact us on +44 (0)77 64 74 15 45. We are selling the wolf on e-bay here

1997/R Land Rover Defender 110 XD (Wolf) 300TDi - (Left Land Rover Factory Storage in 2003)

100+ photos here

This vehicle is R651 BAC, the second vehicle of the 6 produced specially by Land Rover for the 1998 Land Rover Global Expedition, to be led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The Expedition was cancelled due to various corporate issues, leaving some of the finest overlanding vehicles ever made redundant. R651 did not leave the factory until 2003, when it was sold at a closed auction. I bought the vehicle having covered just 6000 miles in 2004.

The Wolf XD is the military variant of the Defender, and is not normally sold into private hands. Apart from the Global Expedition vehicles, the few other vehicles out there were sold as scrap at the end of military and restored usually with non Wolf parts. Standard Wolves reportedly cost in excess of £45,000 per unit to build and are quite different to the normal Defender, as everything from Axles, running gear and Chassis to Engine, Electrics and internal components is quite different and super strengthened.

These particular Wolves were taken from the Military production line, and further altered by a specialist team of Land Rover Experts. The doors are Defender type for comfort, and the roof rack is the Land Rover Parts full Expedition type. Fogs, Spots, Full Beam Driving and Work Lights are all Landy's best, all 24v electrics of course. Twin Fuel tanks hold 165 litres, and full Arctic insulation was fitted from the Military vehicles dept. Then Safety Devices were called in to design their ultimate rollcage, not only to withstand a rollover situation, but also to save the occupants in the event of the vehicle falling into a crevasse. The resulting internal and external roll cage cost over £100,000 in R&D alone! Mantec Steering Guard, Rocksliders and swingaway spare wheel carrier completed the Land Rover Build stage.

The military 300TDi is slightly different to the Standard, and is known as the 'anti EMP' engine, in reference to its ability to keep running after a nuclear explosion (Yep.) I haven't turned up the fuel pumps, as this would increase wear, however I have had a full size intercooler fitted to give it all the grunt it needs. The military air intakes have been bypassed to twin snorkels with hurricane filters fitted by APB Trading, these both work extremely well, and allow for increased airflow at high speeds.

When I took the vehicle on it was as new, but fairly basic. It required further work to make it Expedition ready. I began with the Batteries, fitting and IBS Dual 24V intelligent Split Charge, then replaced the Land Rover Units with 2x Optima Yellow Tops in the front, then two more in the rear (recently replaced with Numax Liesure Batteries in the rear.) To store them I had Storage solutions fit a lockable bulkhead chest and rear utility drawer. The standard military G90's are extremely noisy on road, so I upgraded to a full set of Cooper Discoverer STT's, these are on the 5mm Wolf Rims as there isn't really anything stronger out there. I also have a full set of part worn spares which have years of life left on them, Also a mounted 24V ARB Compressor. For suspension, I had Old Man Emu shocks and King Springs fitted all round. The Fronts are twin shocks per wheel for extra Damping.

As I wanted to carry passengers occasionally, I had a custom made seat frame produced for 3 X Exmoor trim Trakker seats with belts. At this time I also approached Superwinch in Taunton, who supplied a winch bumper, and custom built a 24V Husky Winch for me under sponsorship. Even they couldn't tell me how strong this winch is, but it is so powerful that I have never had to double line! For security I had a specialist locksmith fit heavy duty Hasps, and keyed padlocks, they fitted steel plate behind the doors to withstand serious abuse. The Glass all round has been laminated with a titanium weave film designed to withstand bomb blasts. For immobilisation, I have a Mechlock thatcham approved system, this basically locks the clutch fluid in the pipes, so that you can leave the vehicle running, but if you remove the mechlock key the vehicle cannot engage gear. It is very good and without the parts to rebuild the clutch system it's pretty much uncrackable! I also had an X-Eng Disk Handbrake fitted for ultimate reliability and strength.

For Sleeping, I have fitted a Maggiolina Adventure Roof Tent, this is a formidable piece of kit on its own, and contains a full mattress, Light and fan. It can be set up and ready to sleep three people in just a few minutes. With a hard roof over your head and a square room that doesn't billow in the wind it is a much nicer sleeping experience than a normal rooftent.

The vehicle is also fitted with A CD Player and Radio with an FM Modulator for iPhone/ MP3 etc, also bigger speakers and tweeters for incredible sound, a Fully tuned CB radio and antenna, Silva Compass, and a Panasonic Toughbook Phone with car kit. It has 12V electrics through a switch-mode voltage converter, and 240v through a 2000W inverter for running powertools, washing machines etc!

I took this vehicle around the world in 2007, on the Lone Wolf Transglobal Expedition, it never let me down once, and was fully serviced and maintained throughout. Major Services in Hungary, Malaysia, and Mexico. In total I drove 35,000 miles, mostly on motorways and all in 12 months. Full details of the Expedition can be found on

Experts will know that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all the spec which Wolves have over the Defender, but if you look at a Humvee next to a Hummer you kind of get the idea! This vehicle is effectively the King of all Overland Vehicles, it is mentioned in Wikipedia, and has been in the press all over the world. I wrote for Land Rover Monthly and still write for Land Rover World so can say with some authority that this is most Land Rover fanatics Dream. This is a piece of Land Rover History, it could go around the world a dozen more times, and could leave tomorrow in its current state.

In addition to the set of spare wheels and tyres, I also have boxes of spares and stocked service items, which I will give to the new owner.

The vehicle is available for viewing at my house in Woldingham, Surrey - contact me on +44 (0)77 64 74 15 45 for more information.


Nick & Dan Moylan
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Dendy Jarrett

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I have read through your website before. What an impressive trip and truck.
Good luck with the sale.

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Guys, this fella has an interesting series of videos on youtube worth watching.
Awesome truck for sure!!!:drool:

Lone Wolf

Asking Price is at £25,000 which I believe is about $40,500 USD, plus you would need to arrange shipping and import if permananently exporting from the UK.

Thanks for the support,

Nick and Dan


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Being that this is a special duty vehicle, is there any chance it can find a home in the US?
yea. buy it. buy an 85 mot pos just like it. swap vins before you ship it. scrap the donor vin car.

itll add the cost of the donor, and vacation in en'glund.

its a favorite landrover pastime.


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It is a 1997 so a bit of time before the 25 yr rule lets it live legally here in the USA....but there are some fun options out there.
1) Buy it, fly to England, drive to Africa and play
2) Buy it, fly to England, go over to the Continent and drive east until you hit the Pacific.
3) Buy it, fly to England, drive to Africa, ship to Central America, drive to USA and get 1 yr temp import permit, then leave the USA once a year to visit Baja and get a new permit on return.

Do some or all of the above until the 25 yr rule covers you :)

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Just buy it, and only drive it offroad. Isn't that was this website is about? Traversing the country without a paved road? :)


I think I need more details (if possible) on the glass, particularly the "super fine titanium mesh laminate" Manufacturer? Availability? Website?. Quite possibly the nicest Rover I've ever seen, thanks for sharing.