For sale!! Rhino Rack pioneer rack 49”x60”


Exactly as the title says, I have a rhino rack pioneer rack for sale. Had it mounted to my truck cap on ARE tracks which are really Thule tracks. I’m asking $450 for it. Costs me almost double that. Two of the slats have 4 drilled holes each in them from when I mounted my RTT to it. This does not hurt the structural integrity of the rack. You can change the feet out to whatever you need for your rig or trailer or whatever you would like to mount it on. I will not ship and will not travel more than 50-100 miles to meet. I recently traveled 300 miles to sell some suspension and I got shafted because the person never showed up more would he pick his phone up again. This is a great deal and it needs another good home! Please feel free to message me. Located near Paducah KY my number is (520) 241-0858 thanks!

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