For Sale: Off road overland trailer


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This is an M1101 off road trailer that I put together. Raptor Lined. Custom built rack that extends up about 18"... fits in a standard sized garage when down. Tuff Stuff roof top tent with annex and awning. ARB elements fridge/freezer ($1300). I built a power supply box with two deep cycle batteries, inverter, usb plugs, voltmeter..runs the fridge for about 10 days. The tires are 37". 5lb propane tank. Trailer uses a pintle hitch but included is a standard hitch adapter. Electrical plug adapter included as well.

Not sure how to post pictures here.. here is my craigslist ad.
What are other hitch options for these? I don't like the pintle myself. How hard to convert to a Max Coupler style?

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Think his add said
I took that to mean a pintle hitch draw bar for a standard 2" hitch receiver. I believe you are still using the pintle. I emailed him and asked if he had a ball hitch attachment and he said no. So I'm curious if people have good ways to convert to the Max Coupler or similar style hitches. Not sure if you would have to ditch the surge brakes to do that.

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Nice trailer

I live in Orange County, I'm seriously tempted to take a look. How does this tow behind a Jeep?