For Sale: James Baroud Explorer RTT


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Tent is located in Austin, TX
Excellent condition; some paint chipping on the black latches is the only cosmetic issue noted. All tent fabric is intact; no rips or tears.

2,500 takes it. Drop to 2000! May be able to deliver or meet out of state depending on location.

Purchased from OK4WD in Nov 2017

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After cleaning the shell of the RTT today; I noted a small area of cracked paint/clear coat. Dropping price to 2000 for local (central Texas) sale to account for usage and overall exterior condition.

This tent takes 1 min to set-up with 1 person. Takedown takes 2-3 minutes as a solo job. Bedding can be left in tent, so it makes for a very convenient option for camping and road trips. An advantage over soft RTTs; you can still move your truck around without closing up tent.


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I’ve had it in high wind and heavy rain; does very well. James Baroud tests the tents by driving 60mph with tent full extended.

Best part is that the tent material sheds water very well and it is easy to wipe the majority of water off of the tent before stowing.

This tent would sleep a couple very well. Could prob do a couple and small child.