FOR SALE 2017 MB Sprinter Van 144 tiny home with stunning interior design


Our names are Andre and Marissa... and we would like to introduce you to the Bluebird!

This is a Mercedes Sprinter 2500, brand new November 2017. From the extra door cubbies to the flip out side table, we have given attention to every detail. She is good off the grid as well as for city stealth. There is ample gear storage for skiing, biking, river running and climbing -- all at the same time, plus a full kitchen, dining table, refrigerator, and solar power. Cozy and utilitarian, the Bluebird is ready to be a full time tiny home or a weekend adventure-mobile for two.

We are asking $108k, and are open to offers.

With the purchase, you get the Mercedes 30k/3yr warranty on the van's mechanical parts, as well as our continued support. It is paramount to us that you love your van and are blown away by its quality, plus we want to make our next van that much better with your feedback.

Please shoot me an email ( and let's start a conversation. We are on the road, available for tours as we arrive in your area, and are willing to make the drive for delivery as well.

For a closer look, visit the Joyful Vans blog at

Now, for some dirty details:


Goal Zero Yeti 1250 with 3 USB outlets, 3 AC outlets, 1 AC outlet and more
200w Solar on roof

Rear door ladder
Yakima Aluminum 70 inches Aero Bar Roof Rack and 42 inch Tracks
Back up camera
Door Stop to keep door half way open when needed

Whynter 45 quart Portable Freezer/Refrigerator (either or)
Atwood Stainless Steel 2 Burner Propane Stove with Regulator
5 Gal Propane Tank Storage with outside ventilation in case of leak
Stainless steel undercount sink with electric pump coming from 6 Gal fresh water tank and emptying into 6 Gal gray water tank
Replacement 6 Gal fresh water tank, for longer travel

RV Queen 5inch Memory Foam Mattress with 5 year warranty, 60in X 72in

Fan-Tastic Fan
Eberspacher Diesel Heater with High Altitude kit, control timer, and temperature sensor

Cabinets over bed
Cubbies over bed
Cabinets over kitchen
Small cubbies along kitchen counter
Large corner cubbies under kitchen

Cabinets under kitchen
Drawers in kitchen
Waste drawer
Cubbies in sliding door for even smaller things
Cubbies in back doors for gear
4 foot long and 16 inch deep gear drawers
Standing ski space for 3 or 4 pairs
Garage for 2 bikes
Custom bulkhead shelf
Table holder next to Fridge
Electronics cubby above Goal Zero Yeti

Driver and passenger seat swivel
Blue Stain / Pine Beetle Kill tongue and groove ceiling
Refurbished wood for cabinets
Blackout Thinsulate Curtains
Portable toilet
Chalkboard on sliding door
May I ask the reason for selling it? Seems like such a unique camper and it was only finished 8 months ago.
I am starting a custom van business, so this is the first sale that gets us off the ground. Ultimately I would want to be doing customization for the buyer, rather than a "flip" like this, but I figured getting one built and showcasing my experience was a good way to build trust in the quality of my work.


Wish you luck in your new adventure in the custom van business, You may want to tone down the interior a bit, your van interior only fits a few people's tastes not the masses.
I agree with the others. I would try to make sure there is a large swath of the population who both like the interior and can afford such a vehicle.


To Infinity and Beyond!
Your build out and fabrication skills on the interior of the van "appear" to be very good based upon what "I" can see in your presentation pictures.

Your interior design, color pallet and choice of fabric materials needs lot's of work IF you intend to sell a completed van to the general public in today's market or show what you can do to the general Overland community and possibly Sprinter RV market.

Just MY opinion!

I understand your desire to build "Custom" to a customer's desires rather than build and flip in your business. If that truly is your goal then you should showcase your build out and fabrication skills with a van that fits the wants and needs of the general public rather than your vision of "Look What We Can Do Cause This Is What WE Like". This is what I see when I look at this interior.

I suggest you look at the other 144 inch Sprinter 4x4 van build currently showing on this site. This builder is doing his second 4x4 Sprinter in less than a year. As I remember from his initial posts in his new build thread that he/she was able to sell the first van immediately when they decided to begin his second van build with what they believed were new and better ideas to incorporate into the second van. The KEY here is he/she was able to SELL IMMEDIATELY his completed Sprinter van as it met the needs of the buyer and the market for 4x4 Overland Sprinter vans in general.

Look at the RV Sprinter Van market. The RV industry employ's many professional designer's who first and foremost know what will SELL in today's Sprinter/RV market which is kinda important when you are in business for yourself.

Just to be clear. Based upon the pictures "I" like what I see in the quality of the build out and fabrication skills you have completed on your van. Yes I would certainly agree with the other posts above that there most certainly is NOTHING like your van interior available in the "Sprinter" market today.

"Maybe" there is a reason why!
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Cool van, very creative. Reminds me of a few busses and vans I got picked up in while hitchhiking in the early 70's. I'm looking for a 4x4 so not interested but think you're on the right track by doing something that works for you and showcases your individuality.
Hey Guys,
I really appreciate the feedback. It's a little late to tone it down, so lets use this as an experiment :)
I agree it would be easier to sell if this looked like everyone else's. If I were planning on larger production numbers, that would be a better strategy. BUT, I find many vans to look rather boring...and the process of creating this as it is has made me quite happy. As we tend to attract those like ourselves, I am certain I can attract the right person. Do not be afraid to show the world your truth!
Thank you for the advice!
Cool van, very creative. Reminds me of a few busses and vans I got picked up in while hitchhiking in the early 70's. I'm looking for a 4x4 so not interested but think you're on the right track by doing something that works for you and showcases your individuality.
Hey Yutahey, since you're looking for a 4x4, check out my friend Thomas's build at
He'll be ready to sell come august


Not hating, but how is this conversion worth $70k? There's $10-15k of materials, and thats being pretty generous. So.. $55-60k in labor?
Not hating, but how is this conversion worth $70k? There's $10-15k of materials, and thats being pretty generous. So.. $55-60k in labor?
Quite simply, if you took this design to a custom builder, they would likely charge you more by the time you're done with all the details. Most builds don't get into all the details like utilizing cavities in the doors for cubby space, or have artwork built in, things like that. There are still so many things we could do, especially with the exterior, but can't do it all in one go. We also have over 2000 hours into this, between design, labor and marketing. 60k/2k=$30/hour. How do you value your time?