FOR SALE 2 CANADA: NAS/JAPAN LR D-90 1997 Auto w/4.6L Range Rover engine-IN DUBAI

Abu Buckwheat

FOR SALE-CANADA OR OUTSIDE THE USA - My wife's daily runner. named "Baby Duck" was one of the two LRs we bought from the royal vehicle stable of Sheikh Maktoum (Royal Family of Dubai). We even have a copy of the Royal Family registration card which comes with the car. It was a hideous Orange and White until we rescued it and restored it back to glorious white and black.
VIN: See photo.
PRICE: $32,300 OBO
CONS: Must come from the Middle East. SHIPPING: Buyer handles all shipping & customs after sale. Containers to Hallifax, Vancouver or Montreal are possible but you have to arrange it.

PROS: Will be tuned up before shipment.
NO RUST ANYWHERE (well surface rust on the exhaust)
This truck was modified from the original 4.0 L engine to a 4.6L P38 engine because they love them some power - which is absolutely necessary to go to the Gucci or Louis Vuitton shop.

This vehicle is IDENTICAL to the NAS SPEC D90 except for two items that disqualify it from coming into the USA

1) It was built in November 8 1997 - JUST AFTER CBP cutoff for authorized NAS vehicles.
2) The DOT Barcode sticker was removed from the left hand drivers footwell wall. CBP uses this for build verification to import to the USA.

So a great car if you live outside of the USA! Does not include little TV on dash.