Abu Buckwheat

Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: $36,700 OBO

SPECS: 1989 Ex-UAE Army Special Forces LHD 110 Long Range Patrol Hardtop
NAME: Dug the Dog

OK Guys. After getting three of my six Defenders back into the USA I have decided NOT to undertake the modification of my beautiful renovated Ex-UAE SOC 110 Hard Top named DUG (after the dog in the movie UP!).

I used this vehicle as a weekend desert driver in the United Arab Emirates (member UAE LRO group) for three years in preparation for a UAE to Cape Town to Singapore to NY Round the World trip. It was acquired and modified for me into a Round the World Expedition by the UK Army REME Maintenance Chief assigned to UAE Army from UAE Special Operations Command vehicle auction. However, present duty assignment brought me back to the USA last summer and I have to sell it to bring my Sandringham LR150 6x6 back home now.

Dug has been sitting in my LR workshop in Dubai for the last 8 months awaiting the changes to bring it back to the USA. We put over $20,000 in mods and repairs in this truck. I just frakin painted it days before the Customs & Border Patrol anti-Defender Jihad started! Most parts were shipped into UAE at great expense or carried back from UK/USA or Australia.

• LR Heritage Centre Build Date is 29 March 1989 can enter the USA on 30 March 2014.
• Extremely Low Mileage LR 110 Defender (approx. 54,000 miles) Chassis has NO RUST on Bulkhead, footwells, door sills or undersides outriggers or crossmember. Slight surface rust on underside. Never been in water or exposed to salt
POWER – Rebuilt original low miles 3.8L V8 Carburetor Engine w/ LT77 5-speed gearbox.
• Installed Maxi-Drive Engineering LT230 RC Low Range Rock Climber Gears replaced the OEM PRC9225. Lots of torque. Give a low range gear ratio of 56:1 versus 43:1
• Radiator core upgraded from standard 3 core to 4 core.
• Upgraded Twin electric cooling fans for Desert running.
• Upgraded Alternator.
• Under Dash AC/Upgraded A/C compressor.
WHEELS& SUSPENSION - Old Man Emu 2.5” suspension lift-springs and shocks
• Land Rover Freestyle alloys wheels with New Cooper Discovery A/Ts- 285x75x16 (only 800 miles)
• Devon 4x4 30mm wheel spacers
LIGHTING - New BRITPART LED NAS-style lights fitted front and rear. Also added two reversing lights and rear fog lights. OEM Land Rover Halogen Headlights fitted from a 2011 Defender. Additional LED high level brake light fitted over rear door (not wired)
• Frontrunner (South Africa) Full length Expedition Roof Rack and Rear Ladder
• Two LR Discovery spare wheel mounts fitted to hood (bonnet) and rear door. Bonnet mount leaves an air gap between rubber and aluminum.
• BRITPART oversize door mirrors
• Tow hitch with drop plate, has a 2” receiver, not the UK spec. plate and trailer power connection
• Mil. spec. NATO tow pintle
• 3mm Alloy Checkerplate fitted to bonnet and wing tops
• Climair Side window deflectors (Germany)
• Stainless steel Series 3 style front grille. Replica of old series 3 grille
• With rare Alloy Land Rover grille badge
• Stainless steel bolt kit fitted to doors/bonnet/grille/etc
• Installed Two New Foley UK Expedition Side storage lockers – Each can carry two 5 Gallon (20 liter) NATO Jerry cans of water or fuel (for total x4 jerry can 20 gallon (80 L) capacity or x4 Cases of MREs.
• 2011 TDCI Leather seats on BRITPART Set extension/risers with Devon 4x4 DPM Camouflage waterproof covers
• Mud UK Centre Dashboard panel – Six New Carling ON/Off switches, LED Dual battery charge indicators, fitted for multimedia/GPS entertainment center.
• Mud UK Top Pod – x5 Lights Carling switches and Red Hazard Switch and Swoon
• Motolita John Cooper 13” leather steering wheel
• Devon 4x4 Emergency escape hammer fitted to overhead console.
• Land Rover Army Contract Factory A/C – 5 Vents under dashboard, freeing up dash area. Carling Switch activated.
• Storage Solutions UK high security rear window guards
• Two hand made full length aluminum storage lockers, which form two 24” full length bench beds and has storage capacity for high lift jacks/ or up to 50 cans of food per side.
• Installed a BRITPART DA1810 Tubular Bulkhead replacement bar for easy walking back to rear compartment.
• Engels refrigerator slide system mounted between bed storage benches
• Total 41 Gallon (155L) total fuel tank capacity – Includes Mil. spec. long range fuel tank (110 L) and secondary 45 (L) liter ‘piggy-back’ tank fitted in rear wing
• New LR Fuel pump wired to Carling switch
• 12 gallon (45 liter) water tank fitted on Drivers rear wing with protected spout out rear bumper

• Dual Battery System - GMB Germany Energie Centre Twin battery Management system (in lock box between seats)
• Twin New Optima Yellow Top Deep Cell batteries on a Gwyn Lewis UK 4x4 Dual Battery Tray (WHICH SOMEHOW COST A FORTUNE TO BRING INTO THE UAE!)
• Farrows Classic (FCX) Battery Kill Switch on front of driver’s seat battery box
• Red Carling Switch for Dual Battery Activation Selection

FOR CANADIANS - This truck can be shipped to CANADA or any other location right now and container delivered in Montreal. Buyer arranges and pays for own shipping.

FOR USA AMERICANS - This truck could be brought back to the USA after March 29th but only after its returned back to almost original condition which means, smaller tires, steel LR Rims, remove NAS LED lights and reinstall bulb lights. Remove Discovery Wheel Carriers on roof and rear door, temporarily remove the Mud Dash until it clears customs. Parts can be put into the rear or side storage boxes. 7.50/r16 tires & rims can be purchased locally and 285s can be resold to UAE Land Rover Owner group. However, this is all up to the buyer after purchase. My garage or Saluki LR Motorsports in Dubai can assist.