For Sale: 1 x Lightforce Genesis 35W HID Single Spot


I bought this from another member thinking i had a use for it. I do not any more and thus it is up for sale.
I paid $130 shipped but am going to take a loss here.
I decided to keep my Hella's (old school) for my 60 series.

$90 shipped someone buy this and get it out of my office

Lightforce Genesis 35W HID Single Spot, so only 1 light.

PO used it for about 3 minutes to make sure it worked i used it for 30 seconds.
The wires have not even been stripped other that what came from the factory (like 1/8 inch)
Unit is new and looks it to.
s-l500 (1).jpg
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So you know to get it's brother it is about $380 so you are getting this for less then 1/3 the price of one off the web.
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Updated Price. it is getting in the way now in my office at home. My new ARB compressor takes up to much space (good problem to have)