? for F 250 owners - options mods etc on custom ordered 2019 or 2020

? for F 250 owners - options mods etc on custom ordered 2019 or 2020

Hi all

Considering buying a custom ordered Ford F-250. Gasser for sure.

Advantages are:

with Super Crew I can still get an 8’ bed. Better for an 8’ custom built ATC Cougar camper. The camper would stay on 99% of the time.


-> The F-250 only seems to come with 3 seats up front, in sort of a bench. I would much rather have an armrest with tons of storage below. Is this somehow possible without major surgery?
Does that front center seat somehow fold down to make a nice armrest with storage?

-> If I am able to close the tailgate with the F250 with the ATC - would i just keep it off all the time, anyway?
I’d have to relocate the backup camera to the license plate. Any recommended backup cameras that would have the right harness, so plug and play in place of the tailgate one?

If I get 4x4 and FX4 off road package… it then comes with the 3.73 Electronic Locking Axle. Is this ok? No heavy off roading.

-> I’d get the 9,900 GVWR package. Any disadvantages? Does not cost much to add. :)

-> Do i want to get the $95 LED Roof Marker / Clearance Lamps? Only for looks. (not spending any other $ on ‘looks’ items.

->Do I want to spend an extra $210 to get Medium Duty Battery?

->Do I want to spend an extra $405 for power sliding window? Seems to be the only rear sliding window available. I can’t imagine a reason to have it… unless somehow want to reach into cab to grab something on the middle of rear seat. It looks way too small to squeeze thru, in case of weird emergency (need to drive off)

-> If I get 4x4 and FX4 off road package… it then comes with the LT245/75Rx17E BSW A/T tires. How are these for FSR and desert washes?

-> To add cruise control then I have to also add the XL Value package for $1,000. What a rip off. :-( Any workarounds?
The person who I will order it thru has Fleet ordering abilities… perhaps cruise control can be ordered on it’s own, without the $1,000 XL Value package. :-/
Only good thing is the single CD/MP3 player is included with that.
Anyone know if Bluetooth phone integration comes with that? I would hope so! :-/

-> To get Sync 3 (Apple Car Play) is a $1,715 package. Ouch. Bummer. I’ll have to sleep on it. I do really like Apple Car Play.

Thanks for any and all thoughts!



I would get the bigger battery, skip the roof marker lights and apple junk. Consider a rubber floor! Can you get 4:10 gears?

The power sliding window is nice if your planning on ever getting a topper, then you can access the inside of the topper easily.

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I take it you're ordering an XL package, probably the same package I'd get as well. I do believe you can order bucket seats with a console compartment, or at least were allowed to in the past. Do you plan on upgrading and upsizing the tires? If so, I'd go for the 4.30 electric locking rear option. Since you will have an overhead camper, I'd get the heaviest GVR package you can get on there. I'd skip the cab lights unless you like them. Not sure I'd spend $210 on a Ford battery, I'd put that towards a Northstar AGM. I would get the biggest alternator they offer. I'd also skip the sliding rear window but I would get a rear window defroster. I wouldn't worry about what tires it comes with but I would swap them out right away for tires that I actually want. The tires that come on there would probably be OK for most FS roads but I'd be wary of them in rocky terrain. Not sure if the cruise control can be ordered separately, check with your fleet guy. CarPlay is nice but you can add it cheaper by installing an aftermarket stereo from Pioneer, Kenwood, or Alpine, just to name a few.


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The center front seat has storage in it's top and bottom halves. It folds down into a nice big armrest. I like it better than the center console. If I remove mine, I'll put a fridge in it's place.

I'd consider the crew cab long bed. Although I did pick the CCSB, to have slightly less high centering. The campers I'm interested in, are about the same or SB or LB.

If you're ordering, then order the 4.30 gears. They still ain't 4.88 gears, but they'll get by ok, for a while.

Get the fx4 rear elocker. It's the only way to buy a SRW Superduty. The old LS diff was rubbish, the new traction control works better. The elocker is priceless. The OEM tires ain't so hot in mud. Burn them up and replace with Cooper stt's at 30 000 miles.

I got the value package for cruise, pwr windows, locks, and mirrors. Downside, it costs more to replace broken mirrors.

The front plow springs are half way to a leveling kit. At least get the camper package springs. Consider the upgrade rear springs. I skipped them to have the softest rear spring, will add airbags or Sumo Rebels, if needed.

I have no idea what battery I have, and don't care. The camper will have it's own. My plow kit came with a HD alternator.
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Isn't the medium duty battery an actual second battery? So you would have dual batts with that option, a worthwhile upgrade I would definitely choose.


Find one on the lot that has most if not all you want. CC w/ eight foot bed real long vehicle. The 6.2 when loaded to almost 10k will move right along w/ 3.73 even up the hills. We just got a lariat 4x4 nice truck to drive. Tail gate off I think you find it easier to enter and exit the camper. If you want to keep it have them shorten the camper. Got a harness from Ford and spliced onto an inexpensive camera which I mounted to a plate and bolted to the bumper works fine. Might want to consider air bags for the rear, but you can wait and see if you want them. Yes get the locker, if you not planning on towing or putting larger tires than stock 3.73 should be fine. The tires which came on the truck michilen AT on 18 in rims have been fine and we have aired them down to 45 psi and been on some pretty rocky roads the last couple of years. I would probably not get a slider window on a camper again, if you are ordering a slider window they aren't that big an opening, the lariat has one and so does the camper but have not used them together for anything. If you are on the freeway and open windows that rear one creates a major wind storm inside the cab of the truck. Don't have clearance/marker lights, don't miss them.


Id skip the fx4 its a waste IMO. You can get the elocker without fx4, only thing specific to fx4 is descent control. The ranchos are no good, just get some fox 2.0s for reasonable price. Definitely get the 4.30 gears as suggested. I got the sync 3 big screen on a xl package, seems to fancy up a xl a bit. Upfitter switches and bed lights and 110v in cab are nice cheap options also.
I figured out that to get the 2 front seats with the center console, it seems that you have to get the XLT trim. getting the XLT trim with a few various nice things... adds $5,000.

part of that $5,000 is about $1,000 for the front seat center console. Yikes. :-(


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With the 6.2 gas, you can get 3:31, 3:55, 3:73, 4:10, and 4:30 gears.

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Interesting. 3.73 and 4.30 only things offered here for gear choice.

I'd go with 4.30 gear and E locker.
Agree with others here, largest alternator you can get and the camper spring package.

The tires on the FX4 package for XL trim are small for such a large vehicle.
245/75R17 is 31.5" roughly. An XLT w/ 18s would have 275/70R18 which is a 33" tall tire. And some of the 20s have tires 34" tall.
All stock.
Considering the wheelbase on a CCLB is about the length of a CFL football field, you might want to go larger tires long before the OEM tires wear out, regardless of their performance.


I figured out that to get the 2 front seats with the center console, it seems that you have to get the XLT trim. getting the XLT trim with a few various nice things... adds $5,000.

part of that $5,000 is about $1,000 for the front seat center console. Yikes. :-(
The vinyl cushion top on the xl center console does a good job IMO.