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hey guys, I'm looking at building a foot pump sink for my stand alone camp kitchen setup. I was wondering what's everyone using as a pump? How's the pressure? Any regrets with your material choices?


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my setup

IMHO this foot pump is so so so much better than any thing on a sink where you have to touch the handle to get the water going
you save a ton of water cause you can regulate it easier I feel and when your hands are dirty you are not mucking up the handle on your sink then trying to clean that etc..

boating places have a really nice foot pump I want to update mine with it someday :)
used em in boats before and they work well

the clip and arm are photography you can get generic ones cheap enough works quite well I can clamp it to the table or the handle of the can like here or a tree branch for showers
I should make a fitting one day for the water can :) but the tube just has a brass fitting on the end for weight and works quite well to get every bit
also note the head also has a clip again I can unclip it easier to wash body but clip in for dishes etc..

if I make a fitting I want to make something that goes just inside the screw on cap that I can just quick release in and out of and the tube down inside will stay in place

bulb was a large one off amazon works well enough do want to try the whale pump I linked to above for camping
the way the paid white water ones work with the plate could be a good idea to keep it sinking down in but I have yet to have a problem with it and feel this is easy quick to clean to put away I store the hose setup wrapped up into a bag
I want to replace the hose with some quality silicone also that lays nicer and when it gets really cold this stuff gets stiff so I might say look into that as a what I learned

black can in summer lay out gets hot :)

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I agree, a hand pump sink seems inconvenient and ill planned in most scenarios, but the whale is a good pump?
yes I have not been living working on boats in about 15 years :) but they have been around have spare parts etc..

they can put out just over 2 gallons per minute :) that is a lot of water if you want
never used them with the notion of small amounts of water ? which I do now camping trying to save every bit on boats we were always around a fresh source to refill

I saw the river rafting ones and copied the idea of the bulb figuring they must have known or tried ? but maybe they never knew about the other ones so after using I was thinking hmmmmmm I know something that puts out more water but again never with the notion of saving or small amounts ? that is why I need want to try the whale for camping :)

they have a spring in them that helps the bulb part return shape :) but again even the regular bulb like I have so far has not let me down but it could be more water at times it is nice and simple ? so for how cheap they are :) but my plans are to put one into action and see if they were like I remember in my head :)


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Keep me updated please, thats what and why I'm wrestling with the same options
yeah no worries going to be a while before I buy one as my current bulb is working fine :)

after trying a few setups that double clamp thing is awesome and might be worth checking out :) purely for the man ways it can work price of a cheap hand held head and some tube and a bulb might be $40 ? and you are on your way :)

I have seen some folks make elaborate foot things with hinges and wood to help the bulb ? again for me its more simple the better worst case if you are around sand maybe a board to put the bulb on would be needed ?


I have the Tyeworks system but I did not like the squirt, squirt, so I modified mine. Its still foot operated.