FM82 Offroad Teardrop Build

Ooh that's a bit pricey. Definitely what i need though. That will have to be my plan D. Thanks for the info. I had no idea harbor freight sold those.

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Make a cardboard side of the trailer, take it to any buggy/sand rail guy in Florida. Tell him to bend the uprights to the pattern, using 1x1 steel. Should be a piece of cake for them, and not cost you that much. Quick work for them normally.
Glad you said that skersfan. A friend of mine has a neighbor that's a buggy and race car junkie. I'll check with him. Thanks! Found out today my first two options are a no go.

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Not quite yet. If finding someone to bend it for me turns out to be a flop then I will attempt to bend it myself:D If that fails I will be at plan C. I hope I don't get to plan C haha. It would work, but very uncool. I will share that option if I have to go there.

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The issue you'll have is that the long radius bends require a roll bender and specific 1" dies. Not a lot of shops have roll bending equipment. You can try off-road shops, but I suspect you'll have issues depending where you are in Florida. Try some ornamental steel shops too, guys that build railings and staircases. A lot of those guys have roll bending equipment.

Roll bending is not hard to do, I have considered buying the Harbor Freight roller for other projects, but you should start working out, roll bending is a lot of manual labor. Swag off-road definitely has some cool add ons for that bender.

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New design idea came to me today. I will be going this route for sure. Just FYI...make a mental note on where your window drains are if you use this style like I am using. Not only did I prefer to have the windows installed horizontally, but the drains on these are located on one side. This side just happens to be on the longer side, which meant they have to be put in this way to function like they should.

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After searching all over for an exterior vent for the A/C exhaust, I finally found one that I liked. And the lid is even sealed really well on the underside to keep rain and dirt from getting in. I think it's intended to fit flush against the interior wall, with the bulk of it sticking outside, but I'm going to flush it in so that only the lid will be seen from outside.

Got my door casings put together. Just need to get the trim in and then I can get started on the doors.

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