FM82 Offroad Teardrop Build

The only wiring I will be running in the floor will be low voltage for 12v receptacles on either side of the bed. The wires will come from a compartment on the driver's side rear, where I'll be making a fuse panel with power inlets.

And here is where I am currently. The grey box is one that I came across at Lowes. Not sure what it is intended for, but it will work out just right for a fuse box. :D

Because I got a little to excited to move on to something other that metal working, my next step will be to remove the wheels, flip it over and give it a good spray down with some satin black paint. Then it's on to the walls. Finally going vertical!


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I like the idea of the galvanized as a protective layer; however, just a little advice, was the galvanized sheet with white vinegar, and then alcohol, before attempting to prime and paint, or the paint will not stick. It may appear to short term, but long term it will not.

Great work, BTW, I like the way it's shaping up.
Thanks for that bit of info. And thanks for the comment. I had no idea about prepping galvanized. I was planning on prepping it with just degreaser. Will definitely look into that one.
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I was considering doing the same galvanized sheet on my trailer build to protect the underside of the floor. I started to get concerned about rattles going down the road between the sheet and the frame. Did you do anything to isolate the material from eachother? How did you attach the galvanized to the frame?

Also, what type of hardware did you use to attach the wood to the metal frame?

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I have pulled mine with metal on metal and didn't have any noises whatsoever, but I did end up putting just a strip of like 1/16" foam tape between the two just to separate the metals. What I did was basically sandwiched the sheet metal between the metal frame and wood frame using 4" bolts. It worked really well and I still have no noises at all.


It could just be the angle of the photos but the top of your axle seems to be very close to the underside of the frame, is it just me? I would expect you should have room for up to 2.5 inches of travel with a 3500lb axle.
It is a little close. I haven't measured but after switching to spring under, I have about 3 inches between the axel and frame. The springs are rated much higher than I'm expecting to have in cabin weight. I plan on keeping an eye on it and changing it back if needed. It will be a easy swap if it gets too close.

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I like where this build is going. I'm in the planning stages on my trailer and I think your build may help provide some guidance. Are those 31" tires? And is your frame build out of 2"x2"? Also, love the jeep.