FM82 Offroad Teardrop Build

New to the site. I have, however been silently visiting the site for a little while after gaining interest in taking on a project of my own. My original plan was to build off of a trailer that was given to me, but soon realized the frame was bent, so it was back to the drawing board. I searched around and came across stomperXJ's Sawtooth build and really like the design, which inspired me to jump in head first on this build. Originally, I wanted to follow the full design of his Sawtooth, but changed plans about a quarter of the way through. What I appreciated most about his build was the frame design, so I followed it fairly close, with some differences. On this design, I plan to make the cabin design like the Moby1 offroad camper.

As of now, I am about half way through the build, but I'd like to post my build pics as they progressed, and continue to update. Maybe even get some suggestions or ideas from others.


- 2"x2" 11 ga. Square Steel Tubing.
- 2000 lb Axel
- 16"x8" Jeep Moab Wheels
- 265/75 MT Tires
- SmittyBilt XRC Modified Tube Fenders
- Bulldog Jacks
- 24 ga. Galvanized Floor Skin
- 2"x2" Pine Floor Frame
- Fiber Insulation
- 1" PVC Conduit
- 3/4" Birch Plywood
- 12v Floor Outlets

- L 7' x W 5' x H 4'
- 1" Square Steel Tubing
- 1/8" Aluminum Composite Exterior Walls
- 1" Steel Tube Roof Rack
- 1" Foam Insulation
- 3/4" Ply Doors
- 15" x 25" Sliding Windows
- 1" PVC Conduit
- 1/8" Interior Walls
- 110v and 12v power
- 5,000 btu A/C unit
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After a trip to the local metal yard and $90.00 later, I got the frame welded up like I wanted it. The springs I took from the freebee trailer that was bent.

EDIT, February 2019: Don't build your frame like I did. I think the frame will be fine, but I would never do this again, and most definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to follow my lead with this frame design.
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I planned on using the axel from the free trailer, but ended up having to purchase a new one. I came across a 2000 lb axel with spindels for $68.00 at a local liquidator store, picked up new hubs and gave the old springs a new rattle can paint job.
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Picked up a pair of used Moab wheels, and spacers to allow the wheels to be used on the trailer hubs.
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The new axel ended up being way too wide for my liking, and nearly defeated the purpose of the frame design, so I decided to cut the axel down so that it would track as close to the Jeep as possible. And it was setting slightly higher than I had expected, so I planned to change to a spring under setup.

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Very nice start! I'm going to live vicariously through you until I can get my build going again!
Thanks! No Mark I don't. My original drawings were all done going off of the sawtooth build, but now that I have completed the floor, I will be pulling out the ol' pencil and paper again. I have been tossing around a few ideas in my head on how I want to do it, but as of now, I think I may do 1/2" outer walls, 3/4" inner and 1/8" inner skin. The inner frame I think will be made from a 4x8 sheet and cut outs for insulation. I will be putting several more pictures up a little later that are up to date.

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I kept reading posts from others that have tried brushing on the bedliner/undercoating and having bad results over time, so I decided to take a different approach and skinned the frame with 24 gauge galvanized steel used to protect the wood from the elements. Before I paint the underside, I will be sealing the the joints all the way around to try and keep water from setting up between the metals.


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As for the jacks, I wanted to keep a somewhat sleek design, so I went with removable jacks. Mounts welded on each corner to allow me to have one on the tongue and one (as of now)on a rear corner to level it out.

I just got a third mounting ring, so I have yet to weld on the passenger side.
Finally put down the grinder at this point and got to slap some wood on it. I ripped 3 2x4s and framed out the floor to have a cavity for insulation and wiring.