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Parts Delay

Yay! Diffs are in. Now I need to wait. I decided to check the ball joints and think they are due for some PM (read replacing) due to a worn boot, and the LCA bushings could be replaced while I am in there. So now its on a parts delay. :cool: and waiting for customer trucks to be done again. One day I'll get greedy ans stop putting customer trucks before my own.... naw, NEVER!


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Its been a busy week! I am burning the midnight oil tonight to get the gears in tonight, at least if I get too tired I have an place to crash for the night in the shop (RTT). :victory:

Here is a quick pic from my cell (since we all know posts are worthless without pics):

Now I'm off to get these in!
Nice. Glad you got these in finally.


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5 NEW 255/85R16 BFG MT KM2's went on yesterday

Still awaiting the speedo recalibration module (on backorder)

new upper and lower ball joints on the front suspension
Tundra calipers went on today, along with new pads (obviously) and Tundra rotors. :victory:


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Curious what your take is on the Tundra caliper setup when you get some miles on it?
So far I have about 5 miles in the parking lot on them, and I now can lock up all 4 with ease, I mean ease. So far its great.


argh! wil, i have to ask, are you running the american racing wheels you have on the expedition west page? are you running a spacer by chance? i had a huge amount of trouble finding steel wheels that would fit over tundra calipers, so much so that i gave up and went with more expensive aluminum ones. tried les schwab, discount, summit, and a bunch of online retailers, and just could not find anything. don't think we had big o in seattle, oh well, too late now. like the new tars, looks beefy
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Nice Wil!

New Shoes, brakes, and gears.....sounds like new life in an already cool truck!

Keep us posted on the brakes and gears.....