Flyingwil's Taco is growing up!


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I thought I would start a thread on my Taco to track it as it grows up!

My Taco is a 2001 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 TRD. I feel in love with the styling of the first gen Tacoma's and knew one day I'd get one. 2001 rolled along and out popped the Double Cab... I had to have one. After years of nagging, my wife finally caved and now I have my Taco!

Here is how it sits now:

Owner: Wil Kuhns
Location: Mesa, AZ

Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma Double Cab SR5 TRD
Year: 2001

Engine: 3.4L, normally aspirated
Trans: Auto
T-Case: Stock
Front Axle: El Stock-o IFS, Bilstein Shocks, Spacer.
Rear Axle: Bilstein shocks,Electric Locker
Tires: 255/85 R16 BFG MT/KM
Wheels: TRD 16x8

Additional Modifications:
3" Rev Tek Lift* Removed and Replaced
Deaver 10 Pack Leaf Springs
AllPro greasable shackles (1.5" longer than stock)
Sway-A-Way 2.5 Coilovers
Demello Rock Sliders
Optima Red Top replaced with Dual ODYSSEY® 1200 MJT's and a sure power unit.
Dell Axim PDA/GPS GPS mounting unit caught on fire replaced with a Delorme Earthmate PN-20
4" Deck Plate Modification
Engel 45L Fridge / Freezer
Engel Slide
40 Channel Uniden CB / Wilson Lil' Wil (fit's don't it?) Mag mount
Grey wire modification
Breather Extended
Demello Bed Bar (temp Hi-Lift carrier)
Eezi Awn 1600 on a custom rack
Safari Snorkel
Spray In Bed Liner
2 Bed Mounted Fire Extinguishers
Amsoil Oil and Filter
Amsoil Air Filter
PowerSlot rotors
Can-Back topper
Custom Drawer System
CBI Off-Road Rear Expedition Bumper
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The RevTek lift came direct from the dealer along with upgraded Bilstein shocks.

My future plan is to go with some DR coilovers in the front and a Deaver 10 pack in the rear.... this will come early this summer.


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I mounted a Uniden Pro 520XL CB radio in the ash tray location. It was very easy to make flush, and seems like a lot of others have problems making it flush. First, I removed the 2 screws that hold the ash tray slide out and cut the rear out with my dremel tool. To make it flush I used a heat gun and a screwdriver to make a small indentation on the air duct. I heated the duct up for about 20 seconds and pressed the area in with the back of screwdriver where the 90* coax elbow would hit. You only have to press it in about 1/4 of an inch. I used an 90* coax elbow to connect the Lil' Wil antenna coax to the CB. I them used 3M double sided mounting tape to secure it in place (it is a tight enough squeeze it really is not needed, but I wanted to be safe for future washboard roads).

I think the end results look great. (Pardon my dust, just got back from a 4 Peaks run when I took the pics!)

I ran the Coax for the antenna through the door sills on the passenger side. When I am not using the CB the antenna stores behind the rear seat and the cable is not visible. Total install took about 30 min.

Soon as I get around to a bed bar I'll move the CB permanently back there. But for now, and my 6'2" parking garage at work, this will have to do. It's bad enough hearing the radio antenna cllink all the way up to the 5th floor, I can't imagine adding the CB antenna.

The CB also has a PA out put which I would like to add in the near future, but not sure how I will do it. Why? I think it could be beneficial to help in spotting when in tight areas with out blocking CB waves when in large groups. Not a necessity so its last on my list.


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For navigation I am using a Dell Axim X30H PDA, and a Bluetooth GPS. I modifed a glass powered PDA mount and mounted to where the air bag selector witch would be in a mini or a xtra cab.

The above photo is my PDA running OnCourse Navigator, which will automatically direct you to your destination along with voice prompts.

The Rikaline GPS is tweeked for accuracy while flying... (I use Pocket FMS) and from the Rally I learned has to be retweeked during ground usage, with OutDoor Navigator.

With the PDA I am able to use Bluetooth to access the internet and surf the web and download Topo's!

I plan on upgrading this to a CarPC in the future... Just need to lay down the specs and build.
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As of right now the only protection I have for my Taco is my Demello Off-Road HD round bolt on sliders built with 1.75" .120 wall round tubing.

This type of protection is critical in guarding the body panels during challenging terrain.

ExpeditionsWest said:
1. The rock sliders act as a skid plate, allowing the vehicle to slide over rocks, mounds and logs, instead of damaging the vulnerable sheet metal.

2. The rocker protection guards the side of the vehicle from damage caused when sliding into a tree or rock, as often occurs on slick surfaces.

3. When properly mounted the rock sliders provide a secure jacking point for lifting the vehicle to change a tire, or to add rocks or traction aids to extricate the vehicle from being stuck.

4. A well designed slider also acts as a step, running the length of the cab, providing easy access to the roof, racks, kayaks, etc.

5. In heavily rutted terrain, the slider allows the driver to use the bars as a transition point between the front and rear tires, as the slider allows for a smooth change from the front tire to the slider to the rear tire without causing damage.

6. On longer wheelbase vehicles, the rock sliders can act as a pivot point, effectively rotating the vehicle against a solid point (like a rock or rut) when under power. This action "cuts" the corner of a narrow, tight obstacle that does not permit backing up for a multi-point turn.
Here are my new sliders:

Future Mods:
I am looking into a Bentup Fabrications bumper for my front similar to this one with the addition of a stinger/headlight guard for animal strikes.

However I am still debating the ARB bull bar.

For the rear I am going to go with a Bentup rear bumper similar to Peter Parks Taco:



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I upgraded to an Optima Red Top. At this time I am only running one battery, but as I add the Engel Fridge and the tool box, I will add a solar pannel and second battery at that time.


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Ahhh to breathe better... I of course did the deck plate mod.

For the Air filter I am running an Amsoil filter. I had played with K&N and out of the box, I was getting oil deposits up the intake and the K&N found it's resting place in the trash out of fear of damaging the MAF.

I also have extended the rear dif breather up to behind the fuel door (I'll put pic's up Later)

Soon to come a Safari Snorkel! (So I can be like ExpeditionsWest and DesertDude!)
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What's to Come...

So what's to come for the growing up?
  • Engel 45
  • TwoZone
  • RoofTop Tent
  • Tires and Wheels (black steel)
  • 2M Radio
  • Seating
  • Camera System integrated to the CarPC
  • Shower
  • Water/Air/Storage
  • Awning
  • Aux Fuel Tank
  • Lighting


wow it's gonna be cool when it's done. I really like the older style tacos

check out desertdude's suspension setup- Hoes, deaver/remote res shocks- pretty slick

your rig looks great wil


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Life_in_4Lo said:
wow it's gonna be cool when it's done. I really like the older style tacos

check out desertdude's suspension setup- Hoes, deaver/remote res shocks- pretty slick

your rig looks great wil

Thanks for the compliments...I have been fortunate enough to see both Scott and Pasquale's rigs in action and check them out too:exclaim: They are some amazing rigs that are truly inspiring.

The Hoe's in the front and Deaver's in the rear set up seems to have the best results and almost the standard (if not SAS/SAC) over on TTORA. I have even thought about the SAC but decided against it, for now. I have also toyed with the idea of more than 3" of lift and shot that down too... not as reliable and may create issues out in the middle of no where.

I was looking forward to my Africa trip, but it is now cancelled due to family issues. We want to be reachable in case my wife grandmother passes. So for now it is put on hold, guess that just mean more planning, and should be for the better. Family always comes first. PERIOD.

I was a bit disappointed, but it is for the best.

I try and blueprint/plan out the entire build as before I jump into anything, and am just at the beginning build up stages! Should be some fun upcoming months as the parts and pieces com trickling in.



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Good going Wil:clapsmile The sliders look good. It is fun to watch the progress of the trucks as they are getting all teh necessary mods. I have seen your truck in action Will, and it was very impressive then, I can't wait to see more down the track.


Nice truck Will! Your current mods and build up ideas are right in line with mine. As mentioned, the silders look great. Good looking and favorite type of modification. Lack of sliders on my truck has made nervous on more than one occasion.