Fly fishing spots recommendations throughout US/Canada


I'm doing this trip tonight/tomorrow and am a beginner. I have a 7wt (I know that's way overkill but it was a gift from a friend and I'd like to utilize it for the time being) rod and mostly all dry flies.
Any suggestions/locations? I dont have waders, but should be able to wet wade at this time of the year I think.

I'll be right by the Salmon River on the way down, so what should I expect there?


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Hell of a trip! There's some good smallmouth fishing on the salmon river in the summer, but not much else. Hit the small rivers that flow into the winooski when you're going into Montpelier VT


Just noticed your post. How was your trip? We just got back from a fly fishing weekend in the White Mountains and it was a amazing. We are new to fly fishing and had a blast. It's so beautiful up there and so relaxing.

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My trip went ok, didn't catch anything, ha. Water levels were pretty low, drought. I went up to the Whites last week for hiking and intended to fish early morning before the hike at the Pemi (western side of the Kancamangus) but it never happened. I should be going up to the Whites for fly fishing in a few weeks.


This is my next trip in September or October. Any spots one can recommend on this route? Or I can also alter my route if need be in search for good fly fishing, I only do catch and release.



I don't know south like that (I'm just south of you in MA) but western MA had some spots- the Deerfield etc. Although on a long trip some times good to just get going on the trip so western MA may be better for day trips after you return. I know PA has some spots I just don't know where. I would definitely check some of the FF Forums for locations. Although I'm sure you'll here the big name places posted instead of the real honey holes. I would get DeLorme's for the places you really want to hit. Cross reference FFO ponds and streams with what you see on the maps to minimize the people. Nothing worse than a bunch of people on one bank all throwing flies. Good luck!