Fly and Drive

Ben Steiner

I am looking at flying my family and I to Australia and purchasing a vehicle to tour for 6 months or so then up to Thailand island skipping along the way. I am wondering If anyone has any information on where to source a reliable vehicle as well as licencing it in Australia while no being a resident. Any info would be great.


Out of curiosity more then I can likely help or used?, what sort of vehicle are you thinking of getting (i assume a 4wd, but if so you wanting a wagon or something like a troopie?, how set up are you wanting it / what do you want on and in the vehicle?, what sort of budget roughly were you thinking It'd cost (vehicles are stupidly expensive in Australia in case you haven't researched them much yet)?, any plans on a city you're looking at arriving here at?

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Ben Steiner

I have been looking looking at used Troopies with pop tops or high tops on Gumtree. I have found what look like some pretty good deals. I am thinking I would plan to fly to Australia purchase a vehicle, spend as much time as possible exploring. Defiantly has to be 4x4, I have a wife and two daughters so I would need sleeping room for 4. I really like the look of the high top Troopies. Im looking to stay around $50K USD/$70KAUD. I have had large vehicles before and they tend to limit where we can go as well as MPG. Not sure what time of year a of yet. Hopefully as long as our visa permit. What time of year would be best? Any other vehicles I should be looking at?
Thanks of any advise.


Paddler Ed

As a non-resident, the licensing and purchasing process isn't too bad. Given you are on a finite visa, you will not need to get an Australian (whichever state) licence. However, you will still need an address to register the vehicle to.

To do that, you need to get proof of address - this can be as simple as a letter from an Australian bank (probably the easiest) or someone to sign a Statutory Declaration that you are resident at that address (I think this would work) - and present that along with a passport, driving licence and anything else that might be useful to get you to 100 points of ID.

When I first came to Australia 8 years ago, I used:
-Bank letter
-UK Driving licence
-UK Passport
-Bank card
to get my account set up. I now have an Australian driving licence, so it's all much easier...