Flippac Rain Fly


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We are going to get a rain fly for our Flippac and wanted to get insights/thoughts from Flippac owners. If we don't get a used one and purchase it new from Slo Sail we wanted to hear thoughts/comments on having windows added and, or extra straps and triglides.

Climber Rob

I bought a new fly from SLO several years ago. Vents N/S and one window/one vent E/W on each side. Works well. Typically, I don't find that a lot of ventilation is needed when the fly is on. I think just two N/S would be plenty, and windows on all four openings E/W would be desirable.

I use a combination of bungees and straps.

The biggest issue for me with the SLO fly was needing to seal the seems. It was challenging to lay everything out so the seams were flat and get it sealed properly. I used SeamGrip and did two coats on the inside only. Never had a leak.
My biggest gripe is the cost and the fact that they don't do at least round-ish windows... charge a lot for simple square (undersized?) windows, and as mentioned for that price you have to seal your own seams.

I would almost see about a custom built one next time around...



I have a SLO and I have the original. We got the max number of windows so we could see out when needed. I don’t regret getting the windows. Sealing the seams was a project I handed off to my wife. She did a great job, and we have had no issues in several torrential downpours. If you want an original fly, send me a PM. It’s just sitting in the garage and I would let it go cheap.


Sealing the seams is annoying but hopefully a do once and forget.

One word of advice on that. I thought I'd be clever and not seal the seam at the very bottom edge where the tube that holds the elastic bungee runs. It is below the tent of course, why on earth would I waste my time sealing that?

Well the first use in rain provided the answer. If you don't seal that seam indeed the Flip-Pac tent itself doesn't care and stays dry. That tube with the bungee however completely fills with water! Makes taking it off in the morning extra special and of course greatly increases the drying time.