Flippac questions & pictures, from a new owner

Recently picked up a 2012 Tacoma + Flippac from the classifieds here, getting everything in order before I take it out to Utah and do some climbing. Already gave it some fresh wheels and tires from a 2022 tacoma, new optimas, and have been refurbishing the cabinets and water system :)

Few pictures of the mods so far:
IMG_9578.jpg IMG_9848.jpg

I have encountered a few issues that I would like to address that I cannot find the answers to online, namely when it comes to water mitigation. It rained for several days with the flippac closed, during which the vehicle was driven/parked outside. I have noticed water pooling in both of the back of the bed and the Bedrug is fairly soaked. It appears water is entering from the gap between the truck and the shell, but also perhaps from the torsion bar area too, as that fabric is also soaked. Does anyone have experience chasing leaks in these areas?


Furthermore, water pools in the sleeping area. This one has been puzzling me, as it hasn't been raining. I have left the truck parked with the camper open on a slanted driveway and when I wake up in the morning, there is a large quantity of water at the end of the sleeping area. This has happened the past 2 nights. Temperatures have been 40-60*F.

IMG_9864.jpg IMG_9865.jpg

Finally, a few more misc questions-
- I have a 25lb, 4" ikea mattress. What was the OEM method of securing this to the sleeping area, such that it does not fall when deploying?
- Any suggestions on how to clean the tent fabric? So far, I have used soap and pressure washer from the outside, brushes, and sponges on the inside.

Thanks in advance for the advice! I would love to not have to worry about staying dry in the next few weeks :)


I can't speak to the tent portion.

But I installed a new seal, similar to below, on the bottom of my fiberglass pickup topper. It helped dramatically with water seeping in.



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Lots of questions
1. Water in bed. There is a series design issue with the Taco and the end of the bed. Search YouTube for methods to seal it, but you have to remove the top and add sealant. I didn't know that and have not removed my Flippac to fix yet.

2. Cleaning the tent. I haven't found much that helps, I do use Oxyclean once a year, mix up a bucket and use a brush to apply, let it set and keeping brushing with fresh a time of two then rinse. *** Then I spray the whole tent with NikWax SolarGuard *** this adds waterproofing and UV protection.

3. The factory used velcro to attach the mattress, I have added it to my Exomat mattress

4. Make sure you clean out old sealant at hinges and apply new one at least every other year. I like the 3M 5100 I think it is (non-permanet one)

At some point, I'm going to go around the inside of the Flippac/bed joint with RTV to help.


Welcome to the woes of owning a flippac! You probably need to remove the camper and reseal the bed with a new bump seal. I used to use 3 layers of bulb seal that were affixed to the KB voodoo bed caps. The stock Toyota bed caps are plastic and can let water in. Also, you need to take the bed caps off and seal all the holes on the bedside with aluminum tape. The next thing is the tent is not even remotely waterproof, so if there is condensation, mist, fog, etc., and you're leaving it open, the water will get in. The only thing you can do is buy a rainfly from SLO Sail if they still make them. When you take the camper off make sure you silicon all the corners of the bed as there are gaps and IIRC there is a special bulb seal for the front of the flippac that's right by the cab that you can get on McMaster Carr.

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