Flip-Pac Interior Build


I'm cross posting from my Tundra thread. I am planning on building out the bed of the truck to make access to gear when at camp and traveling much easier.

We have put about 30 nights in the flippac, and have come up with our needs.

We need easy access to chairs and tables for camp setup. We want access to water and the cooler both at camp and while traveling. A step up to the bed when deployed, androom for a third person to sleep.

I have this concept in mind:

We would put cushions on the back and right benches. Tables and chairs underneath the low platform , bins, fuel, water on the low platform and below the benches. Cooler lower right. Room for batteries and heater in the future. The legs and bottom external row would be directly attached to the Pick up bed. the upper platform is above the pickup bed rails, so the verticals would attach to the bed sides. I plan on using riv-nuts on the bed sides, and either through bolting or using brackets where applicable.

Inspiration from TacoDoc and GooseGear. Didn’t want to do all plywood.

Currently packing to move is really only done by me and multiple ratchet straps makes Access horrible.

All thoughts and comments welcome!

Thanks for looking.