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Flexopower designs and manufactures solar energy solutions for camping and the defense industry. Their products do not contain glass, are frame less and lightweight. Flexopower solar products are designed for mobility, durability and ease of use. They manufacture thin film cells into flexible, light weight and virtually unbreakable solar products. Flexopower offers rollable and foldable solar panels and complete solar camping kits. They are very easy to work with, are more powerful than comparable glass panels and do not break.

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"The story of Flexopower began in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2005 when we were manufacturing small flexible solar chargers for cell phones, GPS and iPod's. Our first commercial client was Garmin South Africa. Since then Flexopower has grown exponentially. Our current flagship products are MIL spec compliant 79W and 40W Atacama foldable solar panels used by campers and overlanders, as well as with the armed forces of South Africa and Namibia."

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Flexopower Energies (Pty) Ltd is head quartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, www.flexopower.com. Since May 2016 Flexopower USA is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, www.flexopowerusa.com.

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I just clicked on your website and you have one item listed under portable power. Can it be both charged and discharged at the same time, meaning, could I have this being charged via a DC charger while simultaneously having it power a fuse block that has all of the “house” items coming off it, fridge, chargers, light, etc..