Flatbed FWC on an AT modified RAM


After 10 years in a Jeep with an Adventure Trailer “Horizon” in tow we’ve joined the pop up crowd with a Four Wheel Camper flatbed “Hawk” mounted on a 2016 RAM 2500. It’s intended to bring us back to places we’ve been in the Jeep and provide a little more comfort, range, and better all-weather shelter for longer trips into the northern sections of the country. The new rig may still be towing the AT Trailer and maybe the Jeep at the same time on some trips.

After shopping extensively at the previous and rather wet Expo’s West and East we settled in on the layout of the flatbed Four Wheel Camper as something we’ll be comfortable in for extended trips. To keep the overall rig capable on the trail we picked a “Hawk” coupled with a short bed quad cab Ram. The 2016 Outdoorsman Ram is powered by the Cummins diesel coupled with a 6 speed manual transmission.

To assemble the rest of the equipment we wanted to make us trail ready we picked the crew at AT Overland. They coordinated the order of the FWC and an aluminum flatbed to go with it from Alumline and did all the installation, including painting the bed black. Other things we had added were an ARB front bumper with Warn 16.5ti winch up front. We also went with ARB lockers front and rear and the ARB air system to drive it along with auxiliary air fittings front and back. Independent air suspension was added front and back to help keep us level under varying load conditions and to help level up the camper when parked. We picked and AEV suspension lift and Katla wheels and are running 37” BFG KO2’s. Aluminess sliders were added to provide a needed step up into the cab and provide some rocker panel protection. Aluminess boxes were also added to a custom rear rack that also supports the spare tire. The passenger side galley box is hinged to allow it to swing out under the awning on the FWC for an outside cooking option. A davit over the spare provides a place to hook a lever chain hoist to raise the spare and is a convenient place for a rearward looking camera. The stock camera and rear distance sensors were relocated to the custom rear bumper. The camera system is integrated to the vehicle information screen on the dash, and includes a forward looking camera on the front bumper.

That covers the main modifications. We’ll be at Expo East in a few weeks and will be doing a vehicle demo in the “My perfect Overland Vehicle - Full Size” series at 10 am on Sunday if you want to see it in person.

In the meantime we’re getting killed in the “Cool Ride” contest tied in with Expo East this year. The link is here: http://www.overlandexpo.com/coolride
Toss a vote for the only truck with a pop up in the hunt, (The RAMbler) if you are so inclined.
Bill and Pam
Here’s the pics:

At delivery in Prescott, AZ

Truck 01.jpg
A few around the exterior
Truck 06.jpg

Truck 04.jpg

Truck 10.jpg

Truck 11.jpg
Set up with awning and stairs

Truck 02.jpg

Spare tire hoist and extra rear view camera.

Truck 03.jpg
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I saw this rig on the FWC page. I've been drooling ever since. Very cool!

The outdoor kitchen sounds really cool, do you have a picture of it deployed?

What is stored in the underbed storage? Why is the foreward door on the driver side square, and the passenger side angled?

Are you using the stock Ram air-ride system, or something else?

Would you mind sharing the specs of your flatbed? I'm seriously considering going this route with my F250.



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Beautiful set up. Very interested to see some more pictures and some of the inside.



Thanks for the comments. I'll get a few more photos up later in the week. The front under bed box on the drivers side is a square box with a false sloped wheel well panel to allow the fuel fill line to route high into the tank. The other boxes are sloped inside to maximize storage. Drivers side boxes get tools, recovery gear, and hook up gear for shore services. Passenger side stores campsite accessories.


Looks killer. Any chance you could post up some more pics of those extendable steps/stairs? I need something tall like that for mine.


Looks killer. Any chance you could post up some more pics of those extendable steps/stairs? I need something tall like that for mine.
The steps are "Glow Steps" from Torklift. http://www.torklift.com/index.php/products/steps-handrails/glowstep?w_page=glowstep

A little spendy but they get the job done. I have six steps to reach the 4 feet from the ground to the camper. etrailer.com is a good source for them.

Are you using the stock Ram air-ride system, or something else?
I don't think the RAM air-ride system is compatible with much in the way of lifts. I have an AirLift system, (1000 inside the coils up front and 5000 beside the coils in the back).


Looks great! My wife & I sat next to you guys at the full sized forum this past Expo West. I was envious of your build when you were describing there, and even more envious now after seeing it. I will be following this thread to see what you like, or would have done differently, as we will likely do a similar build for our retirement, though that is still a number of years away.
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Wow, really nice build. I'm looking at doing something similar in the future and it looks like you are doing it right! Subscribed!


Definitely nice build. Was nice meeting you at Expo East. Well thought out for how the two of you use it.


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Have you had this unit on CAT scales? Thinking about overall weight, 2500 versus the 3500 capacities. Certainly looking good.