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I’m getting a new flashlight and I started to look on YouTube at the reviews and all my gosh my head is spinning. There’s a guy there who does reviews on flashlights and it’s pretty interesting he’s interesting to watch too. So what are you using and why? I’d like to get a rechargeable one that doesn’t bust the bank and has really good throw and good clean light and is well-built what do you suggest? I mean you can pay well over $200 for a good flashlight and I think that is ridiculous I’m thinking in the 30 to 50 range.


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Many and varied and put them everywhere. In my truck at any given time there are probably 5-6 different things that put off light. Headlamps, lanterns, light ropes, flashlights big and small.

For EDC I use some Amazon knock off "Thorfire" 18650 light that fits in my pants dedicated light pocket on my hip. It was like $20. I highly recommend having 1 flashlight that stays on you at all times. But in general, I'd have a bunch handy, including headlamps and work lights.

I get USB rechargeable where I can.

Actually by and large, I get any inexpensive light I see that I think I might like, you'll never have too many.


I have a Fenix PD22 that I carry most all of the time. It's pretty well made, no complaints. One reason I'd suggest a more well known brand is customer support and availability of replacement parts. For example I lost the pocket clip from my PD22 and Fenix was nice enough to mail me a couple free. I've had similar cases with Streamlight, Maglite (like giving new life to them all with just an LED bulb change), Petzl (I won't use anything else for caving) and Black Diamond where having an actual company and consistent model lines has been a benefit.
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I second and third Streamlight products. Pretty much standard issue for hard environments thereby they last a longtime. I installed one of their Lite-Box in 1997 in my 1997 Chevy and except for changing out the battery once it's still running solid two decades later. Good luck!


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I pretty much get myself a different $10-30 LED flashlight every year - they either disappear or I give them away to someone that really admires them. And they all seem pretty good these days.

Wouldn't buy a high end one since they get so much better for the money all the time, and I'm not depending on it like law enforcement or combat or anything. And I always have another light or headlight around so don't worry about the reliability of the cheap ones. They never seem to fail anyway.


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I carry a Streamlight Stylus pro or Microstream. Both usb rechargeable, I use them minimum 5 days a week doing HVAC work and they just plain work. I'm always nagging on our new guys for using their cell phone as a light, that's a pretty expensive light considering how poor the output is.


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like my streamlights but it sucks when the batteries start to go as they are spendy. I have at least one streamlight charger go tits up after a few years as well.

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