Flashing Center Diff. Lock light


The center differential light started blinking a few weeks ago. It would happen after driving at highway speeds for a sustained period of time (longer than 40 min., or so). When the vehicle was turned off, and restarted, the light would not flash. My first thought was a bad switch on the top of the transfer case, but I was hoping for something simple. I finally got to it after putting up Christmas decorations recently.

Crawled under to the transfer case and started unplugging each switch. I know which one controls the light, but wanted to check each one for corrosion. The first one looked clean, so I dabbed a bit of dielectric grease in there and plugged it back in. Went through all five connections and drove a few hundred miles the other day. No flashing light! Thankful, for once, it was an easy fix.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 5.11.25 PM.png


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Dielectric grease is great stuff. Any time I disconnect an electrical connection (sensors, battery terminals, chassis grounds, headlights, household lightbulbs, whatever) I smear some on during reassembly. I use the same silicone paste I use for brake caliper pins (cheaper than the usual CRC dielectric grease, and allows me to stock one less bottle of stuff), not sure if all silicone paste is created equal though (mine happens to also be dielectric).