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Keeping the exhaust heat away from the vehicle occupants and also vital components (such as fuel and brake hoses) requires fabrication of some serious heat shields.

This is the shield I build for the passenger front portion of the y-pipe.

On a vacuum shifted FJ62 transfer case, this also means re-routing the vacuum lines away from the exhaust.

Heat around the passenger side exhaust manifold is kept away by this frame mounted brake tube shield.

The underside of the body at the collector also gets a massive heat shield. On auto trans equipped trucks, it gets cramped with all the electronics ans wiring, so this is doubly important.

It's about time to update this thread.

This year has been full of challenges, and we have had our fair share here. After some time off from this particular project, I got back on it about a month ago. It is now just about wrapped up but working out some bugs. Many pics have been taken along the way and I will upload some of them so you can all see what a beautiful Land Cruiser this has turned out to be.

Here are a couple sneak peeks. You may have already seen them on my instagram feed.