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New to the forums and to 4 WD vehicles. I've test driven both and like them equally. I plan on doing some off roading but nothing terribly extreme. I'd like to mount a roof top tent and realize I'd have to add something to the bed on the Tacoma. I'm looking for suggestions on which to go with as I just have the experience to make an informed decision. Thanks and these forums are great!


If you need a truck bed go with the Tacoma. I bought the fjc, but I already have a fullsize truck as well. If I did not I would definitely went with a Tacoma.


Both are great platforms. I would say the one nicer thing about the Tacoma, you can add a camper to a Flip Pac or similar...nice to stand up inside to change clothes without too much effort...the FP's only take 30 seconds to deploy. Where as if you want to stand up in a shelter with a RTT, you have to deploy another device.

The FJ gets the more powerful V6 though.

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x2 on everything above.

To add to that, the Tacoma would be better if you plan to tow a small trailer often and a Tacoma Double Cab (4-door) would provide more convenient rear seat access for a family, especially with smaller children.

Not dogging the FJC by any means because I love mine. However, I'm a single guy and only haul around 1-2 other people occasionally.


I would say buy both!

We have a Tacoma and a Trooper...having both a truck and a SUV complements each other quite nicely. I like a true 4 door SUV...otherwise, I would have a has a powerful V6 and available manual trans, great departure and approach angles....quite a capable platform.

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My only complaints about the FJ Cruiser are interior space and visibility. If those aren't a concern for you then it would be a great rig. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tacoma DC. The versatility of the truck bed is wonderful. I have no less than 4 separate bed configurations that I change between depending on the trip.


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As said above, it all depends on your needs. Both are outstanding vehicles. We gave both serious consideration but ultimately went with the Tacoma because of the lack of full size rear doors in the FJ would have miserable for loading kids and car seats. That being said, I have no regrets getting the Tacoma.


Due to the shorter wheelbase and overhangs, the FJ will be the better offroader. The Tacoma will be better at everything else.

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I had a 2007 fj. It was cool...for a while. The visibility was pretty bad. Off-road, the wheelbase was great but the visibility out of the truck and the general blocky build made it feel much bigger than it was. If you own a home, you will also need a trailer as the fj is fairly small inside and, with the seats folded, the floor isn't even remotely flat. I was not a fan if the buckling inner fenders either. :( mine started to buckle. New ones may not have that issue?? I also grew weary of the exact thing that drew me to the fj: wicked cool looks inside and out. Just got tired if looking at it all. Weird.

Now, the access cab tacoma suffers from the same retarded suicide rear doors that the fj has that make parking lot access extremely frustrating. The taco feels narrower on the trail but it is very obvious that you are WAY longer. Nice to have a bed.

Both rigs suffer from the same least for me...they have a lot of various plastic rattles and groans. I had all of them tracked down and fixed under warranty with the fj. Still working in the taco. Those damn rear doors on both rigs are responsible for a lot of squeaking as well. I put up with it but would rather have small forward opening doors with a real b pillar. Oh well.

What it really comes down to, IMO, is this: you're either a truck guy at heart or an SUV guy at heart. If you can have both, that's great. I can't and the fj pointed out to me that I'm a truck guy at heart. :)

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Thanks for the all the advice, especially those that suggest I buy one of each. That's probably not going to happen though. I'll post a picture when the purchase is made. Thank again.


I really like having a camper shell on the bed with a platform that I sleep on. However this is on my extended cab. No real back seats.

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I always feel like DCLB are super long. But you might have the best of both worlds.

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