FJ Freedom Windows - In Stock @ Sierra Expeditions


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Sierra Expeditions is now carrying FJ Freedom Windows.

FJ Freedom Windows replace the stock rear passenger windows and open to either vent air into the cabin or can be removed entirely. They are made from scratch resistant plexiglass with anodized aluminum hinges and aluminum rivets and are tinted to match the factory FJ Cruiser window tint.

DON'T trap your friends, family or pets in the back of your FJ any longer without first installing a premium pair of FJ Freedom Windows!

$399.99 plus shipping for the pair

The FJ Freedom Windows are shipped to you ready to be installed in a few hours with minimal tools. Hassle-free, convenient and maximum functionality for ultimate FJ freedom.

Whether you want the fresh air flowing through your cabin by having FJ Freedom Windows in "VENT" mode, or you want the passengers in your back seat to enjoy max air flow and visibility by completely removing your FJ Freedom Windows - FJ Freedom Windows provides you the freedom you've been waiting for.

FJ Freedom Windows offers a one-year, limited warranty.