Fitting up a Hallmark Raton to a Tundra

I haven’t been around this forum for a while. It seems like the best resource for my current project.
I picked up this Hallmark for $400. Structurally it’s in decent shape but it had been infested by mice and after an initial cleaning it still has quite an odor. I’ll work on that some more once I get the camper fit to and secured to the truck.
It was designed to fit a small truck so it’s too narrow and shallow but I’ll attach pics to show the additional framing. I’m going to skin the frame with 1/2 plywood.
The camper is going on a newer Tundra with the short bed. I have 2 boys at home so I needed to push the length a bit for more sleeping space. Anyway I know that by posting this up here I’ll get some advice and input going forward. I’m looking everywhere and asking everyone about how to secure it to the truck. I’m trying to find a proper way to secure it inside the bed. I’m not interested in the over the bed frame mounting options. Costly and messing with a 40k truck for the sake of a $400 camper seems tough. Of course I don’t want to mess up that truck with a bad mount either. Anyway here are some progress pics.

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A couple questions to anyone:
Looking around the internet and tie down options I have a few questions. I see that the front and rear tie downs should be opposite each other angle wise. Is there a prevailing thought on which one should be angled which direction? (Keeping in mind my camper will fall about even with the end of my dropped tailgate)
Also I’m considering using a bracket attached to 2 of the front truck bed “bed bolt” that goes to the frame. Anyone have any insight on that? Bad idea. I bought these figuring it’s a no lose even if they don’t work out.

Second question is about charging the battery in the camper. I plan on solar ASAP but I was wondering if there is a prevailing method used to charge off the vehicle alternator?

Thanks for any input.

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Good Luck with the project,

My outfitter is secured to my flatbed with big lag ( eye bolts) through the steel deck.

Maybe add some insulation to that frame, would not hurt.

I have big cables running from my second battery to the front and rear of my truck, like for a winch with Anderson connectors, charges the camper battery fast when the truck is running, also has a switch so when the truck is off, it disconnects, so to not drain the truck battery.
Yeah I hate that I needed to create a hollow space. It is all screwed together so as I see things come together I'll likely insulate it. I'm also hoping to create a few hatches for storage .
Thanks for your input. I'm thinking of skipping the power from the truck and just setting up the solar. But that whole thing is back burnered until I get this thing mounted "properly".

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Im still planning on solar for mine, but so far the anderson connectors charge it so well, as long as I am moving every few days its stayed topped off. And it was cheaper to go that route at first.

Storage and insulation, all good things.

I put the camper on the truck tonight to check clearance and possible bolting down options. Still confused about what I’m going to do to bolt it down. I also have clearance issues with 2 of the angle brackets the jacks attach to. I’m going to add a 1/2” to the bottom and adjust the brackets which I feel will fix that.

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Decided I couldn’t stomach the tie downs on the bumper and can’t justify the cost of the frame mounts so I narrowed up the rear end to allow me to tie down to eye bolts through the floor of the bed. I saw FWC do a YouTube demo on this and figure if they stand by it I should be able to trust it.

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