first shot to the moon


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Looks good. A polarizing filter will help a good deal, particularly full moon.

Only other tip I have is use a timed or remote shutter trigger
this is my first pic to the moon.
camera canon T6I
lens tamron AF 28-300mm
aperture f/6.3
shutter 1/60s
ISO 100
focal 300mm
learning to use lightroom

IMG_0072-1 by Vicreo1, on Flickr

any suggestion are welcome
It's a great shot for a 300mm. If you like the yellowish tinge of the moon, that's fine. A lot of astrophotography, however, looks better with your white balance set to tungsten (for ease; custom as needed). This will make the moon and stars more white on the bluish side.

As noted, using a tripod and remote shutter/2sec timer will help keep things in focus.

iirc, an 800mm lens gets you a full shot of the moon without the need to zoom or crop.