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Critical Care Paramedic since last December for a private service covering 5400 square miles of our own county and provide ALS coverage for all our neighboring counties. Occasionally responses can be as far as 120 miles away! We are one of the most advanced EMS systems in Nevada and have excellent protocols. We frequently operate from off road vehicles, sandrails and 4 wheelers, even the US Navy SAR helicopter as needed. Also we do limited extrication and rescue, but in the near future we'll be adding hydraulic tools to our ambulances. I'm also a volunteer SAR member for the county. I tired the fire side of things as a reserve for a while but respectfully turned down a full time FF/EMT position to work private EMS and I have no regrets!


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I've taken some fire courses, but don't have my full rating (yet). I am a certified EMR, with the EMT rating coming this summer. I volunteer with Alberta Cave Rescue, ARES Calgary, and am a member of the track rescue team at Race City. I work (on the side) as a high angle access/rescue tech and confined space rescue, and hope to get into the rescue field alot more.

My goal right become certified to do long line helicopter extractions


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Big night for me last night:

Pretty awesome feeling. 15 years of fire service and my third FFOTY award :)


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HenryJ, congrats. Back in my fire dept. days I got FFOTY once and most calls ran twice. I started out as a volunteer for the local FD when I was 17. I went on to be a wildland ff with the Georgia Forestry Commission. That was one of the funnest jobs I ever had but the pay sucked and long hours kept me from being able to work another job so I had to quit. I was working part time for the local FD as well as volunteering for the same dept. County politics changed and the powers that be decided they only wanted full time guys, no part timers or volunteer. I am also a member of my areas cave rescue team. We handle all cave, SAR and high angle rescues in the area. This is my only way to get my red light fix these days. Total years in emergency services is 13 years.
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HenryJ, congrats.
Thank you. It is sad that politics play a part in the fire service. We have the same sort of problems with the city here. On a good note our volunteers and paid staff get along great. They work as one. Shift work, emergency response, training, etc. I am blessed to work with such a fine group of people. Glad you found an outlet for your skills. Cave rescue sounds like REAL fun too :) Thanks for what you do!


I've been with Clark County Fire Dept. Local 1908 for a little over 13 years now. CCFD is the largest of 4 depts here in the Las Vegas NV valley. Im at station 19 which is close to the airport and away from the Strip.


I have 11 years with Elk Creek Fire ( local 4710) in Conifer, CO. I worked as a FS guy for a bit as well. Before that I did cave rescue in KY.



Twenty-seven years in L.A., and now, just resting on my laurels (ouch! that laurel has a sharp point on it!) and occasionally responding for SAR these days...


Former Combat medic currently NREMT-B I.V. with Denver Health as ER tech and Bennett, Colorado volunteer firefighter.
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Did SAR for a few years, but kids have lut they temporarly on hold. Looks like is summer I will be start up again ... Looking forward to it.

Just completed my Industrial Fire Fighter Program out at TEEX.

Been a First Responder in private industry for 15 years and with FEMA CATF-3 for 7. My specialty is Hazmat/WMD, though I have my EMT-B, all my Rescue certs and command certs.



Well I guess I haven't responded to this thread so....

When I lived in Taos NM I was on the volunteer fire department in the canyon (city guys are paid).

Now I've been a member of Verde SAR for about 12 years. We are a ground pounder (with a few 4x4's) unit in the Sedona area of Arizona.


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Have been on San Bernardino Sheriff's SAR for the past 10 years. Our team is the "Cave & Technical Rescue" team and we do regular ground-pounding plus all of the weird missions. I also have an EMT-B.

Here's our somewhat out of date team page: