Fire Extinguisher Mount Quick Fist Dbl Cab


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I just got a 5lb fire extinguisher - even though I was mocked by friends, my firefighter buddy confirmed that less than 5lb would probably be useless - and I happened to find a super quick fist at the Off Road Warehouse where I got the extinguisher. I want to mount fire exstinguisher behind the driver's seat like on the Expeditions West Tacoma but I cannot tell how it was screwed into the pillar. Does it just go into the plastic with screws? It doesn't seem like that would be enough to hold it from pulling out of the plastic when there was a pulling load on it.

Scott or anyone else, can you please point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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I have my fire extingusher mounted in the rear of my Trooper using a Super Quick Fist mount. I did not feel that mounting to just the plastic panel would hold up to the pulling force, so I used a longer screw and secured it into the sheet metal of my truck. I am sorry, but I do not recall the size screw I used.


You really don't want that extinguisher turning into a missile in the event of a crash. Attach it to metal... solid metal. You could perhaps fabricate a mount that utilizes the seat mounting bolts.
if you want to mount to sheetmetal and arent certain of the holding capacity of the body at the location youre using, sandwich the sheetmetal of the body between two larger pieces of plate. doesnt have to be anything extravagant, probably just a couple strips or small sheet of 1/8" to 1/4" material, depending on the load it'll carry, to distribute the load across the sheetmetal. this way you know your bolts wont pull through or slot their holes. it's essentially like using a very large washer, same idea. some seam sealer or gasket material across the plate and at the bolt will act as threadlock and waterproofing. this is a very common method used when building cage footing or attaching load-bearing structures like rock sliders to unibodies or c-channel frames.

for something small like a 5# extinguisher, all ya probably need is a couple small strips of material at the feet of the quick fists...should hold great even in an accident, i'd be more worried about the quick fist at that point.

if you use this method, be sure to round the corners and edges so as to avoid pressure points.