Finally I got out to play! trail report.


Work has been crazy and with a new baby boy in the house we were feeling the itch to get out and play and take Canyon our 7 week old baby on his first camping trip. So My mom and dad and some friends of ours that own the bigfoot monster trucks met us in Moab. I did not have time to prep either bronco or the exploder so the van is what we used to follow jeep around all weekend. It is always fun to have the van on the trail. Here are some shots from the trip.
First and most important a picture with Canyon overlooking bartlett wash we wheeled through the wash and out the back side which is pretty steep which totally blew away some jeep spectators. Pic is not photo shopped I just hid behind the rocks to hold him up.

A little shade for a picnic

Cool Moab views!!

step up out of bartlett wash after the step stuff

Bob on the steep stuff

Dad on the steep stuff

me on the steep stuff

Playing in a creek crossing

Lasall pass we hit snow and could not get through it no matter how hard we tried.

top of the world trail

this could be the youngest person to 4wheel to the top of the world haha.

the family on top of the world

Look we even had bigfoot on the trail



Great seeing the big van out having some fun. I keep going back and forth between extended and regular body.

These pictures don't help!


I drug the rear three times last week and each time it was just a light scrape. We have been all over colorado wyoming and utah and I still have the original rear unbent bumper, although it does have some nasty scratches on the bottom of it.


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Very cool. How far is that from your place in Colorado?

Congrats on the kiddo. We've got a 17 month old and a bun in the oven, due Oct 1, with three family camping trips planned this summer.


Moab is about 6 hours from me but driving west on 70 for 4 hours is like driving for 45 minutes to me. As much as I have driven it I still never get tired of the views. We have been looking to move further west I want to be a little deeper in the mountains on more land. But as it is life seems to get in the way and keep that from happening.
Coguzzi, ya I wanted to get him started early, I thought of you when we were out there from a distance I saw the roof of a white ford ccv van top and at first thought I was thinking it was you. Once we got closer though I saw he lacking the blue stripe your van has and it was the very first van I built for someone. Pretty cool seeing him on the trail.


Love it. Where is that snow pic from exactly? Mountain bike snow level recon :)

It's rad to see these vans out rumbling through the ledges!


Brett F,
the snow pics are on La call pass just south out of town you go right past Ken's lake on geyser pass road just a few miles out of town.
Thanks Funrover when are you going to swing by and say hi?


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the van looks great
but honestly it is the family out together that really is the cool thing

great little writeup and thanks for the pics