Finally, a great adhesive for DIY and Professional use!


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We have been working with our suppliers for almost a year now to bring in a high grade polyurethane adhesive: Silaprene SolidBond . This product is a great alternative to Sika 252, with a number of significant advantages. This stuff guns easily, even at low temperatures. In testing, I have gunned it easily down to 40 degrees. Try that with Sika! The soft creamy consistency is also easy to trowel or spread after gunning. There is no odor during use or after. The open working time is 40 minutes, and because the product is so easy to apply, the working time ends up even better. This adhesive is German manufactured, and is designed for use in the heavy truck and auto industry. The cured film boasts a very impressive 475 PSI tensile strength and 350% elongation before shear. Wet clean up is with hot soapy water. Cured removal requires mechanical separation. This stuff has all the qualities of a great professional adhesive, and the ease of use makes it especially good for any DIY project. It bonds to a wide variety of substrates without the need for primers in most cases. It can be used in interior and exterior applications. It has excellent weathering characteristics and is UV stable. It is not on our website yet, so for now email us for details. We will be getting our first stocking order in a few weeks. It will be on the website when it arrives. We will offer it in black and white, by the case or by the tube.

This product is perfect for composite panel construction and anywhere that high bond strength and extreme resistance to vibration and flexing are required. I've been using this product for a couple of years, and it has become my go-to adhesive for most uses.



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Can this be used to bond aluminum to aluminum? Is it strong enough for an off-road trailer at highway speeds?
I'm sure it would be but you should look into 3M structural panel bond epoxy adhesive for that application. Silaprene is mainly a seam, joint sealer to prevent leaks, but.........


Sika does not recommend 252 for bonding alloy SIPs together and never has to my knowledge. It is the "go to" on the forum, but that does not mean it is the right product for the job. Millions of dollars have been spent developing Thixotropic Adhesives for bonding nearly anything you can think of, to nearly anything else, so make sure you get the right product for the application. Here are some stats so that you can compare a sampling of products from well known manufacturers.

Sika 252 Tensile strength 435 PSI with 400% elongation at break and tensile lap strength of 360 PSI.

3M's 5200 cures faster when cold, does not like UV and does not bond to aluminium as well as some other application specific products. Tensile strength of 705 PSI, with 762% elongation at break and 393 PSI overlap shear on aluminium.

Weldmount AT-6030, weld substitute structural acrylic, has a fast cure, but does not like cold temperatures. Lap shear on aluminium is 2800 PSI with elongation of 100-125%.

West's Six10 epoxy is not as flexible, has a relatively slow cure, but still faster than 252 at lower temps. Tensile strength is 6440 PSI with an elongation of 7.9% at ultimate tensile strength.
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It would be nice to be able to get a 6oz tube (or so) that one could toss in to the tool kit to use on the trail without the need for a tube gun.