Fiberglass truck camper build


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Sorry but I have not . I don't even know what a URL is . I figure when I am done I will get someone to help me do a build post . I can send pictures from my I phone if you give me a number to send it to . I am retired and worked with my hands all my life not computers .Sorry about that
No need to be sorry. If you do it from your phone hit the reply button and you should see a box with a plus sign in it. Select that box and you should see an option to add photos. If you do not see that, what do you see.

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To add photos to a post have a look at the attached pic
The little rectangle next to the smiley face is the icon to add pics click on that and see how you go you may have to resize the pic that can be done with a bit of fiddling around with the pic BBCF1069-EB3C-48A8-A8EE-CD5AD79E2452.pngBBCF1069-EB3C-48A8-A8EE-CD5AD79E2452.png


How did the shell hold up? After 2 1/2 years of use would you do anything different? Pros vs. Cons of the build? Reason for selling?
Shell has held up very well. I can't really think of anything to change. It's simple and it works! 've been thinking about switching to an AWD Transit van. A bit of a snafu though, I didn't realize that the tow ratings were so low on them. Might not work :-(