Fiberglass truck camper build


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The next thing on the list is an extendable bed in the cabover and a vinyl wrap because it's just too much white!
Are you going to wrap the whole camper or just add graphics? Have you checked into how difficult they might be to remove in the future?
I have been wondering why more people don’t wrap their campers in vinyl. It seems like it could help seal up a lot of potential water leaks.


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Wrap technology has changed drastically in just the last 5 years in both the base wrap material and printing technology. What was hard to remove just 5 years ago is much more user friendly today and more long lasting than ever.

Just think for $1500-$3000 you can drastically change the appearance of any average size car, truck of smaller RV trailer in just 2-3 days rather than BODY SHOP JAIL for 6 months of more and AVOID dealing with the liars at the paint and body shop.

Below is my old Featherlite 22 foot enclosed trailer that was wrapped in 2003. This trailer has sat outside every day since 2003. While not perfect when compared to new it still looks pretty damn good after all these years. The color that faded and cracked the worst?


My next paint job on a vehicle, RV or enclosed trailer will again be a WRAP!!!


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Gonna bump this thread because I’m loving this build. Making me want to give up my Tacoma and build a Full Size 8ft one of these. This thing is awesome (I got to see it in person a little over a year ago when it was first being assembled for camping) looks like it’s coming a long REALLY nice.