Fiberglass camper axle question.

I'm calling on your help here. I took frame off my camper to work on frame and wheels, add shocks and add some gerry can racks and a new bumper. My plan is to change hubs from 4 by 4 - 13" to 5 by 4.5 - 15". I will put on a 28-29" tire. The axle is 2000# Dexter. The shell in the pic weighs about 300-400 lbs. My plan for the camper is forest service type travel. We are prepping for a Baja Cali trip this winter as well. My question is the stress on the axle spindle with those larger tires. Am I silly not to go up in axle strength? 2500# I've been working on this camper for a few years and this is on of my last major projects.

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You should be fine. The larger tires should not stress them that much. I bet my trailer is quite a bit heavier than your and run 35" tires on it with no issue. However, by the time you swap the hub out you may not be to far from the cost of a 3500# axle.
I had the hubs so cost is really the new rims/tires. Thanks for the reply. I need a sanity check. Dumping the trailer here in states doesn't worry me too much but i would like to be running a tighter rig in Mexico.