Fiat Fullback Camper by Terranavtika


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That Sobol utility is really interesting. Would love to see a walk through of it, particularly the utility box. Spectacular country you travel in!

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March 2019. The Baikal.
Anyone who has ever seen the ice of Baikal, driven on it, heard how the great sea (c) breathes and ice creaks will never forget it! This is a lifetime experience, it’s amazing!
Wanna go?


Olkhon is the largest island on Baikal and it is exposed to the effects of strong winds, so you might not see snow even in March in the hills, but it is sure to gather in lowlands. Locals here mostly drive on ice in winter, but with a four-wheel drive car, you can have fun driving along land roads! Although we'll drive on ice plenty too :)



So, from March 01 to March 07, you are invited to the coolest journey of the year - winter #Baikal!

Amazing ice, unreal landscapes, bright sun and piercing cold! We will move in an organized group of off-road campers, eat the most delicious dishes of our field kitchen and local delicacies, visit the most iconic, as well as rare and off the beaten path locations, drive on ice and snow, walk along the islands, and of course, visit one of the nine sanctuaries of Asia - the Shamanka Rock.

Duration: 5 expeditionary and two organizational days

Cost: 5200$ or 4600€ per crew. The cost includes accompanying staff, accommodation, meals, fuel and other events, except for air tickets and alcohol.



Driving a four-wheel drive car gives adrenaline and positive emotions. You can buy and build your own SUV, modify it and then have fun with it, or you can just call us and start having fun right away. We offer a quick and short path to active all-wheel drive recreation!




Just a reminder about the journey of the year - #Baikal is waiting!
Amazing ice, bottomless Baikal and absolutely unbelievable landscapes

Dates: 01.03-07.03.2018
Cost: 350000 rubles a car
Included: car rental, food, accommodation, escort, instruction.
Not included: airfare and alcohol.


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Nice looking rig! We have Fiat here in Mexico but I have never seen that truck? I especially like the camper
FCA does not currently sell a midsize in North America but is launching a “metric ton” pickup that will be body on frame and most likely built in Saltillo, Mexico or in Toledo at the same plant that built JKs and is now switching to build the Jeep Gladiators. Basically it will finally be a Dakota replacement and will be in addition to the Gladiator for FCA returning to that market segment.


Our travels are in #selfdrive format - there are no strangers in your motorhome! You yourself are driving with only your friends or family members next to you - this is the most exciting, active and comfortable way to travel!