Fiamma Awning and color match.


Rendezvous Conspiracy
Well this started out on the Portal in the adventure equipment for sale section. I was not able to go the the Expo to pick up my slightly use awning, I enlisted the help of Mitch and he was great in hooking up with Doug and getting the awning for me. I mounted the awning this weekend and did a decent job of color matching the awning and clear coating the final paint job. I think it came out pretty good..

My plan is to have my canvas guy make me a back to slide into the rear track of the awning and the two sides will be velcro loops to fasten to the arms. All in one to make set up easy. I plan to use this as a changing room/bathroom and shower area. Just a few pictures of the awning on the truck. Canvas work to follow.



Probably because you can't hear it over the train/air horn you have :D

Looks like you did a great job on it - looks factory in the pictures you shared.


Rendezvous Conspiracy
OOOO YAAAA it will be put to good use. I also removed the I guess so called discoloration on the fabric and it looks great. Doug again thanks for putting it up for sale.