FG's in Action


I put these in my tech thread but figured they'd fit here nicely :) Holes look much smaller way up in a cab over. The rear left wheel lifted when I winch back out and slacked the winch for a period. The truck wasn't stuck, I just didn't want to drag the fibreglass body through anymore. Rear winch for the win.


Wow! That was slick! Any issues with braking?

In conditions like this I never touch the brakes. Just let the engine control the speed in as low a gear as necessary. In any case we opted to circle the wagons and camp for the night prior to trying any downhill sections. By morning it was much less sketchy.

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For your distraction a Video of our Dirt Road trip through Northeastern Canada. Fido and I were joined by AJ and Goldie in their Earthcruiser FX for a three month ten thousand mile trip. We traveled a good portion of the TransCanada trail from Lake Michigan to the Atlantic Coast of Labrador. Our journey then took us south for a thorough exploration of Newfoundland before turning back westward to Nova Scotia. Some highlights for me were Churchill Falls and the Roads to the North of there, Serpentine Lake In Newfoundland, and the Cape d' Or lighthouse on the Bay of Fundy(there is a separate video from there on my channel.) We had a ton of off road adventures some of which I have chronicled here. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe as many more videos are to come! Allan, Sakshi, and FIDO.