FG Gearbox Upgrade 5 to 6 speed


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Hi guys
A friend who is a mechanic made a comment the other day which wondered if anyone had looked into, could a Mitsubishi Rosa 6 speed gearbox be put into a FG649 to replace the 5 speed? When buying filters I have noticed they do share the same engine.
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Have thought about doing this for a while. 6 speeds were/are also used in bigger canter FE so it should all bolt in, except for the transfer. May have to run divorce unit, something like a NP205.
Gearbox Model number has a S5 at the end, 6speeds are S6 for the equivalent box.
Tcase does represent a slight issue (well for me anyway), high ratio is 1.09, but basically any other tcase you can get will be 1:1. I guess 9% taller high ratio will be fine for most canters, but mine with the big XZLs is already almost too tall, doing 2150@100, another 9% on top would be too much.
Best solution I found to that would be to go from 5.29 diffs to the fg649 5.71s which would be 8% I think, so bringing it back to where it is now.

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Can not see why it can't be done. Yes it would probably need an adapter plate to mount transfer case and a new rear shaft made. Someone supply me with a gearbox and I'll get it done and fitted to my Canter. That way we will know it works.

Just another Gear to Change,

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Is it a typo in that ad?
Typo for what. The motor is a 4D35 4.6 litre (same as 4D33 but with larger bore non-turbo as standard) the same as a Rosa Bus. The gearbox is a 6 speed out of a Rosa Bus and looks like parts are available to fit the 2 speed transfer case. So standard from Japan I can see that.
There was an import from Japan that went to the states there a while back that had a 4.6 litre engine and I did enquire for an engine prefex but never ended up with an answer to that, but would presume that it was a 4D35. Maybe it also had a 6 speed.