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The goal is to encourage both objective and opinion-subjective feedback and narratives from forum members about Vorsheer build quality, durability in the field, areas needing improvement, etc.

Frank and open, horror stories welcome if they arise.

Input from Davin or other Vorsheer-promoters is welcome, but would prefer mostly just as responses to issues raised by unaffiliated members / users / owners, keep the marketeering as much as possible to those threads started by Vorsheer

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I am eyeballs deep into the scams of MOBY 1 and their former owners. I am involved in the bankruptcy proceedings and other investigations. Been through the MOBY 1 finances and made friends at the former bank that shut them down. I will tell you that Steve, Joe and Davin are 100% NOT PART OF THIS. They had no insight into the front office or the scams of the former ownership. They just built the trailers - often not even getting paid - one of several reasons they left.

I have been to the Vorsheer shop in 2019 and seen amazing work. The differences between the companies are night and day. They have a full office staff and high tech manufacturing design processes. They actually do so much more than just trailers and had tons of work in production. Any improvements in the design today are from years of experience that were bottlenecked by former MOBY 1 ownership. They are free now to implement these improvements. Outstanding company. Outstanding quality. Most importantly, they are highly ethical and focused on success.

I did notice recently that they no longer require large deposits. This should be a game changer. I would recommend them without reservation and am happy to talk to any perspective customer.


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Alignment became so bad on my 2013 Moby xtr it started eating tires. Steve at Vorsheer installed Timbren 5200 axle less suspension. I was very impressed with their work he did exactly what he said he would do and then some. When i picked up my trailer he crawled underneath and showed me how they installed it. They even fixed all the other issues with my trailer. What really made me smile was the price. I looked at one of their trailers and have no doubt they are the, sexiest, most rugged, functional trailer out there. I love my Moby xtr, now i want to sell it to get the Vorsheer XOC. I only dealt with Steve and i can say he has integrity uncommon in todays business market. Thanks Steve, my trailer towed great on the way home and i am confident it will hold up to Mex 5 this winter.


Good to hear.

Funny enough, Timbren 5200 axle less is exactly what I'm designing around.

One feature will be the ability to shift the wheels forward or back without too much drama, in order to rebalance for the various different use cases to which the modular chassis/underframe will be put.


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Proud owner of the first XOC from Vorsheer. They have been amazing from the beginning. I got my trailer in December and Steve and Davin still keep in touch.

My trailer came with an air conditioner, but we wanted to have our trailer for a trip in December and they were still looking for a better way to install the Air Conditioner. Instead of putting my trailer on hold they had it ready for our trip and installed the A/C at a later time. Not only that they picked up my trailer from me at work instead of me having to drive down to Springville. They also dropped off some tent poles that have been misplaced when they were passing through my neighborhood. I also failed to winterize my water heater correctly and a pipe burst, I didn't have the tools to hook up my new water heater so Vorsheer took care of it for me.

They are just a few examples of how customer focused the team is. During the build process they were very upfront with any delays and would send pictures of progress and invite me down to the shop which really put me at ease after what I went through with Moby1. Being down in the shop and seeing the process and the quality of their work was an amazing experience that I'm grateful to be part of. In getting to know Steve he knew there would be dogs sleeping in the trailer and they built a custom ramp for it to be easy for them to get in/out of the trailer.

I'm really looking forward to see what else comes out of Vorsheer. Especially the Armadillo.

TL;DR - Couldn't recommend Vorsheer enough, customer focused, quality products, and great people that truly care about what they are building and the people that are using their products.

Drew Nelson

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I’m glad this thread has been started! My name is Drew, and I am a customer of Moby1 and I never got a trailer. I am also a customer of Vorsheer. I don’t want to have this thread about Moby1, I only want to mention them because there’s been some accusations of Vorsheer being associated with Moby1.

As I said, I’m a Moby1 customer, so I’m very aware of all that’s going on. They owe me a bunch of money that I’m sure I’ll never get back, most of you know the story. Moving on. After things with Moby1 fell apart I was able to get in touch with Steve from Vorsheer. He gave me some insight on Moby1, being a former employee, he also told me about Vorsheer, and the XOC.

I attended the 341 hearing for Ashley Grimes, afterwards I stopped by the shop unannounced. Steve and the crew were all there working, and Steve took the time to talk, answer questions, and I got to crawl all over the XOC they had ready to go out the door. If I had the money for a deposit at the time, I would have given it to them without hesitation. These guys are excellent at what they do, they know these trailers, and they are passionate fabricators. They type of guy you want to build your dream trailer.

My wife and I recently pulled together funds and drove off with their first XOC-R build. The whole process was excellent. We couldn’t afford a completely built out trailer with fridge freezer, heater, etc but the trailer is built to accommodate anything we need. The wires are ran for the fridge, homes pre-drilled for the heater, and their support along the way as needed.

Upon our arrival on a Saturday the whole crew was there, and we all went over the trailer, do’s and don’ts, setup, and of course they answered any questions my wife and I had. I’m so impressed by the build quality, and how they have addressed and fixed so many issues that the Moby1 had.

Our first experience was towing the XOC-R. About 250 miles to Zion at interstate speed, and it pulled flawlessly. We have since spent 10 nights in the XOC-R over the last 4 weeks and we love this trailer more and more each time we use it. I’m 6’3 and I fit no problem, my wife finally sleeps good on camping trips, and the kids love the RTT. We find them water tank capacity is perfect for a 2 night trip although I’ve added 2 jerry cans for water because I hate filtering water from the creek.

The best part about this trailer is that it goes where most RVs can’t, and doesn’t need hookups. My family and I prefer to disperse camp here in the Sierras, and this trailer fits our needs perfectly.

Ok, I feel like this post is getting a little lengthy, please feel free to ask any questions, or contact me directly for specific photos or details. I’m happy to share!



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My wife and I are both members of a K9 Search and Rescue team in Utah and wanted a trailer that could handle not only the remote forest roads we drive on for searches, but also our two German Shepherd K9s. We actually saw the Moby1 trailer a while back and were considering getting one because of its utility (for obvious reasons, we’re glad we didn’t pursue that further). Luckily in May of this year we found out about VORSHEER via facebook. Now, I’m not going to say I wasn’t a bit apprehensive about putting down a deposit for the build, especially after reading all the horror stories regarding Moby1. However, after talking with Steve and meeting the VORSHEER team in Springville, all my apprehensions and fears were more than put to rest.

Both Steve and Davin were awesome throughout the entire build process. Steve was extremely responsive and communicative and happy to answer any questions we had. We have gone down to the shop multiple times and have seen how they build the rigs, what they’ve been doing to continually improve the trailers, and see firsthand the work that they do and the level of precision they adhere to—I was extremely impressed. In addition, Steve was awesome and worked with us to do some custom work specifically tailored to our Search and Rescue needs.

Since then, we’ve taken the XOC trailer out almost every weekend and also to a handful of searches up in the mountains. The bed inside easily accommodates me (6'4") and my wife (5'9"), and in a pinch accommodates me, my wife, our 80lb 3-year old shepherd, and our 42lb 6 month old shepherd. I have yet to run into any issues or complications with the trailer. We’ve taken it on some pretty and gnarly roads, and haven’t had anything break, fall off, come apart, or stop working. We’ve also had it in rain storms, snow storms, and 100F+ days in the desert and it has performed beautifully. And if something were to happen, I have no doubt that the guys at VORSHEER will be ready to fix it or help find a solution.

Hopefully that answers your question. If you have any specific questions about the shop, the build process, the trailer itself, the construction quality, etc., either ask me in this thread or send me a direct message. I’m more than happy to answer them.

I’ve also attached some photos of us enjoying the trailer in the Utah mountains—as well as some dog tax :)



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I like many others lost my deposit to the criminal that owned, if blatantly stealing from people is business ownership, Moby1.
When I found out about Vorsheer I immediately called them and have had nothing but the most AMAZING interactions with all of the McLeods. Theses guys are upstanding and true to their word. I purchased a trailer in March. It is all that you could hope for in a rugged off road trailer. It drives like a dream. I’m pulling it with a Jeep unlimited rubicon. Sleeping is super comfortable, storage is great, and the kitchen area works amazingly.


I decided to undertake building an expedition vehicle myself from the ground up and was in need of custom water tanks, storage boxes, a ladder, a rear bumper, and a roof rack. A friend of mine had Vorsheer make some custom drawers for the back of his vehicle so I reached out to see if they could help with my project. From the start they have been nothing but professional and reliable. I've had some crazy deadlines for this project and they were willing to put in the hours necessary to make sure things were done for me. They are definitely not the same guys that ran Moby1. I would highly recommend Vorsheer.


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