Feed up with your crappy 80 series battery mount? I have a fix


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What was Toyota thinking with the crappy FJ80 battery hold down. :rolleyes: When the factory J hooks tear the box (and they will) the battery hold down bracket comes loose sparks will fly as the hold down bar shorts across the terminals. Worst case it starts a fire and your 80 series gone.

One of many actual picture below on failure that have occurred.

battery bracket before above.png

Also included in the kit is our fuseable link anti-stress set up. Fuseable links stress related damage is another problem that is address. By relocating the fuseable link connection to the back of the battery box you will no longer subject your fuseable connection to damage leaving you with a non running vehicle.

Link to purchase ►Battery Bracket Upgrade - Land Cruiser Products - LCP
Available for single or dual batteries

Whats included in a single battery kit below

Shown below our new clean battery hold down and secure battery fuseable link set up. (Works with all batteries up to group 31)

Some clarification on our anti-stress fusiable link connection/set up. By using the included 6 gauge 9" jumper you will be relocating the fusible link to the rear of the battery box. Once relocated they do not see the abuse being out of harm way given when guys upgrade their battery or take them in and out.

Note the red jumper installed to the back of the battery box

Battery bracket installed.JPG

Take note of the correct assembly order of the hardware, jumper, and fusible link below. This connection should be very tight using 2 wrenches.

Rear view of the back of the battery box once complete. Notice the chafing from abuse of the pre-existing fusible link.

Like most of our product this is not something we dreamed up overnight and released. I have run the same set up with a group 31 for 5 years and 60K miles with a ton of the miles off road.